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Old Points?

I thought i preferred the old system but having got my head round the new propoints I new love it -


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I've just started on the old points myself again this week after leaving SW. Was aware of the new PP system but really didn't feel right on it!!

I've decided to give the old points a go too and see how I get on - I've still got my calculator and managed to get a "Shop" directory from Ebay so am all set!!

Good luck. People are very friendly and supportive

D x


soon to be slim...x
Heya n thanks for replyin !

I have heard good things about slimming world but I find its too fiddly for me. Thats wat I like about ww its just so easy to do and ya can really eat wat u want but in moderation. Iv never fancied the new pp system myself so like you im sticking to wat I know ! I lost quite abit weight couple yrs ago with it so there should be no reason why it wont work for me again.

Good luck with your slimming ! :)



soon to be slim...x
vijch50 said:
I thought i preferred the old system but having got my head round the new propoints I new love it -
Iv never really looked at it in great depth but am pleased its working for you ! Im gna give the old one another try and see how I get on :) happy slimming !


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hey welcome to discover...THE place to be lol....I love it, it works and its easy...you'll probably find me saying that all over these forums but I cant rate it highly enough. Good lulck..look forward to seeing the result :)


soon to be slim...x
Hi dinx n thank u :)

I love it too its absolutley great, its just so convenient and easy ! And it works I was livin proof, but then I had my son and slid back into my naughty old habits lol.

I will do it again tho I know it ! :)

Good luck wiv ur slimming x
I was a bit unsure about starting the new PP as I lost 3 stone (before my babies came along) and now I've put the 3 stone back on...and some!

I am actually getting my head around PP now, but if I find I plateu I think I will jump back to Discover plan as I know how well it works.

Good Luck


soon to be slim...x
Thats exactly what happened to me. I am actually heavier now then I was wen I was 9 month pregnant! Never mind I will get ther. I also like the fact im very familiar wiv discover plan so am just stickin wiv it for now as I know it works well :) x

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