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old slimming world plan


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Those things aren't free anymore because the ingredients have changed.


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I remember that plan when corned beef was free too.


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It's not that it was a different plan - it was the same red/green plans as being used now only that foods that were free at that time as no longer free. In those days you could have 2 HEBs and only 1 HEA but now you have the choice of adding an extra HEA


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Thanks Clareel. I've often wondered why things that were free are no longer free - strange I know - but it didn't occur to me that they changed the ingredients!!
Can anyone remember the old slimming world plan where there was only one a choice, but heinz macaroni cheese was free spag bol, stagg chilli etc super noddles.

can anyone else remember what was free, I used to lose weight quite well on this and still eat all my veggies etc

If you look on the bay online shop thingy place, if you look for a yellow slimming world plan book, it has kind of grey butterflies on it, that is this old plan booklet ;)


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i remember the old plan. used to mke sw lasagne with mac cheese on top, and keep corned beef cubes in fridge just for a snack!! Awww good old days ! still lots of good things to eat now though!!


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Slightly off topic but its just as well corned beef isn't free any more as have you seen the price of it these days?!!! I went to buy a lean tin as we do enjoy a corned beef hash and the lean one is a good syn investment but I almost needed to re-mortgage to buy it!! Its in the fridge now, hidden in case OH decides to open it just for a sarnie!!!


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It hasn't - but several years ago SW redesigned their plan to encourage members to cook from scratch and overnight all these foods became synnable because they were being abused.


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Oddly enough I used to lose weight really easily on SW years ago. More recently though, I seem to manage the odd small loss here and there but can maintain perfectly well on it.
I have put it down to getting older and the weight being harder to shift but maybe the old plan was better?
Hmmmmm food for thought.


I will do this!!!
what is corned beef now? how many syns is it?

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