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Eloquent hooligan
Hello all... like a bad smell I've returned ;)

I've put back on a stone over the last 2 months from overdoing the weekends (*hic*) & being bed-ridden with man flu for over a week & just doing jack & comfort eating.

Back on TFR from last Saturday to nip it in the bud & back to the gym from yesterday after a month off... determined never to be bigger than 32" jeans... & they've been getting a touch tight...

So far I've found TFR 2nd time round a doddle... had a giddy wobble yesterday morning (for those that know the feeling it was rather like coming up on a pill) but was flying in the afternoon... only had REAL hunger pangs Sat / Sun... no real bother since :)

Hope everyones OK :)
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GREAT to see you back Howdy-Doody!
looking forward to "Choon of the Day!"
You'll get there no problem. The thing that's key, is recognising when you need to get a grip of the eating again, and you've done that, so welcome back to LT and MMs xxxx
Welcome back hot stuff! ;)


Silver Member
Hi Howdy-doody,good luck this time around!!! at least you not got lots to lose...you should do that pretty quick! Caz xx


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers :D

Day 5 n still hanging in there ;)
Hiya, all the best with the new regime, can I be nosy and ask how much weight ya are trying to lose??
hiya welcome back howdy dowdy at least you know the dril

all the best for the wi

XX Sharron


Eloquent hooligan
Cheers for the welcome back all :)

I prolly wanna lose about a stone / stone n arf ish... see how it goes... 11 stone for me is bang on 25 BMI BUT I am an awkward shape (all chest, shoulders & arms) so we'll see :) Basically I've given myself a month to go as far as I can :)

I know I could prolly do it through regular dieting but I trust LT & I know it works, besides if I did this 'officially' through a chemist rather than buying online I prolly wouldn't qualify as my BMI is too low.

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