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Omega 3/ linseed? helping with weightloss/depression etc?


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Hi does anyone know if omega 3 fish oils or linseed helps with weightloss in any way?

Wondering if it would be worth taking and wondered if anyone had any good results/ health benefits from taking it?

Apparantly its good for hair, skin and nails. Wondered if it helps with mood, hormones, depresion that sort of thing as trying to go down the natural route and getting very mixed up googling about.

Also been reading about co q10 and wondered if anyone has had any good results with this helping to boost the immune system?

Thank you x
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Omega 3 is good for depression but you're better getting it from your food than taking the fish oils (your body will absorb more that way). Oily fish like salmon, leafy green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and nuts and seeds are full of omega 3. I do notice an improvement in my nails-I thought it was just the copious amounts of water I was drinking but maybe it was the omega 3 too! My hair is in good condition too, skin is good too so all in all I would say give it a try. The protein in the fish is good for hair, skin and nails too! Fizzy drinks will weaken your nails btw.

I'm not eating linseeds but I'm eating 3 almonds with my porridge in the morning and some fruit..the almonds have omega 3 in them too so it's the same thing really. Oh go easy on the portion size of the linseeds and almonds as they *are* high in fat, even if it is a good fat!

I googled co q 10 and you can get it in your food! Coenzyme Q10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

If you get it from the food itself, you will get a combination of nutrients in one go-say you eat fish, you get protein and omega 3 from it instead of one or other. It's much healthier and your diet will likely be more balanced too!

If you eat a natural diet and make your own food from scratch, then this will help regulate your mood levels. Stimulants like coffee, fizzy drinks, sugar, alcohol are a no-no for depression. Wholegrains like oats, wholegrain cereals like Weetabix or All Bran and brown rice are good for depression too (they've a lot of vitamin B in them) along with fruit and veg. Chamomile tea helps relaxation and helps you sleep. I found "Kalms" tablets from Boots chemists pretty good too-they have Valerian root in them which apparently promotes relaxation.

I've read studies that say omega 3 helps weight loss because it's essential fatty acids that your body needs. I notice my tummy is flattening down a lot so the omega 3 could be work with this? I don't know!

I am on anti-depressants too and they are amazing so personally I would head to my GP asap and decide whether anti-depressants and/or CBT therapy might be a route you want to consider. There are good CBT treatments online-the NHS has one called "living life to the full". Just google it, it's free and recommended by the medical profession. Lifestyle changes might suffice if your depression is only mild but I would still pop into your GP anyways x

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