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Well last night i had a rare chance and had a night out child free hubbie free, 18 ladies out on a hen :eek:, great i hear you all say, and yes we was all haveing a fantastic evening, we was enjoying a lovely meal at an indian resturant,which also has a dj and small dance floor,
It was ruddy packed in there every table was groups of 10 or more, and there was ppl chilling enjoying drinks at the bar area too, TBH i personally think there was to many ppl in the place,

Our table was placed right next to the bar,from my seat i really only had 3-4 steps b4 i was ordering my drink!!

Anyhow we girls had litterally just fininished eating, and a group of ppl were standing right by our table and this mega mega fight broke out OMFG it was sooooo bad :eek: as me & my mum stood up to get out the way our chairs were taken from under us & THROWN accross the room :eek:, punches was being thrown bottles and glasses thrown and a table went flying too, us 18 ladies somehow managed to get out of the way screaming i will add !! UNHURT thankgod but how i dont know, it really was bad and to top it off my cousin is six months pregnant and she was sat in one of the chairs right by where the damn fight started,she has been cheeked out at hospital just to be on the safe side and she is ok
In fairness the place we went to isnt known for trouble, in 12 yrs the barmaid hasnt known anything like it she too was crying n shaking from the shock & fright of it, the police said in 13yrs of working that patch they had never seen anything like it from there either!!
Just bloody typical the night we go there the biggest fight any of us had EVER seen broke out, scared hell yes, suprised i didnt poo myself , i can safely say i have never ever witnessed anything like it ever b4, and really dont want to ever again
Crap night sleep cos of it, have a brised knee from it somehow too!!

Anyhow rant and ramblings over sorry
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Oh my, poor Saffron. I hope you are OK now. Fights are awful: why would people behave like wild animals I ask you?

But the important thing is that you all are OK.

Elie x


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I know how scary fights can be. This is why I am so paranoid whenever I go out at night :eek:

How is your pregnant cousin? And how did you manage to bruise your knee? Is it still painful?

Elie xx
shes fine luckily the hospital gave her the all clear last night, we was obviously worried what the shock n fright of it all my do to her

dunno how i bruised my knee tbh think it may have been in the rush of going back to my preggers cousin i kinda dived on the bench seat that was tha other side of the table we was at !!, its not that bad tho but will keep an eye on just in case

it all started cos 1 bloke was stupid n gobbie all night long ! b4 we had even sat down at our table he was gobbing off he was all F this F that and our group were FING women !! nice eh ! he was still mouthing off in the back of the police van ! and at the A &E dept he was kicking off so much they had him handcuffed !! we only know that bit cos my preggers cousin got taken there to get checked over
the actual fight in the resturant there was bout 20 ppl envolved it then carred on out in the car park but we all stayed in side till it had calmed down
Oh god that sounds dreafull! I bet you were really scared! I work in a bar which oesn't normally have any trouble but one night a massive fight broke out,it was a wedding and the bride and bridemaid started it but EVERYONE got involved.The landlords went out to try and calm things own but the police were called and threw everyone out..I was petrified and stayed behind the bar watching the ill ;-) well out of harms way!!!


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So this pig attacked a group of women when they were only having a good time? :mad:

Elie xx


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That's terrible Saffron. But it is unusual so don't let it put you off going out again.
Sending cyber hugs
OMG Tara! That's like somethng out of a film! I'm glad you were all safe in the end though. Poor thing xxx