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OMG, 10lbs in 4 days!

Hi Everyone,

I have just discovered this website this morning and its going to save my life.. i just know it! :) (although it is not going to help me get my housework done - which i got up at 9.30am to do... and 4 hours later im still on this site lol)

This is the 1st time i have ever done the CD, the 1st few days have been sooooooooo hard, i feel weak, shakey, tired and generally awful, but getting on the scales this morning and discovering that 4 days of hell has left me 10lbs lighter has defo boosted me today! Shame the weight loss slows down cos this could all be over and done with in a few weeks lol.

I have some questions which maybe you could help with;

1)I have pee'd on my Ketosis stick thing this morning and its really dark purple. is this normal? My CDC has the colour chart thingy so im not too sure what the purple means.

2) i already know the answer to this.... but im hoping someone will prove me wrong... but im assuming alcohol is a complete "no no"?

3) to anyone who has lost loads of weight - and by loads i mean like from a size 30 to a 14 for example, .... (this is going to sound so stupid) but how is your skin?

i have gone from a size 30 to a 20 in the last few years, but seem to have stuck at the same weight for a year or so and thought the CD would give me another kick start, but my skin is a mess and im really worried im going to have to magically save 150k to pay for a full body lift lol... OMG - i dont know why i am LOL'ing at that! :(

anyway, sorry for all the waffle, but i just want to say well done and a big thank you to everyone on here, you have completly inspired me today and made me feel "not alone" .. great website :p

N x
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hey! Glad you have found minimins, it's a lifesaver!
The purple means you are in ketosis, but most likely a bit dehydrated, so make sure you keep up the water intake to help you out a bit!

Alcohol is a defo no no while in ketosis see here http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/26311-dangers-alcohol-when-ketosis.html

Cant answer your question about big losses as I am still on my journey, but am sure someone can help

and finally well done on the weight loss so far, bet you can't wait for your first weigh in! Keep up the good work! x
hi there,
firstly welcome, and well done on your losses, both the recent one and the ones prior to cd.
deep purple on ketosick means you need to drink more water
unfortunatley alchohol is a no no, but ive read someone on here say they drink their water from a wine glass lol, all you need to add is imagination !!!
cant help with skin im afraid, but there is a thread going on here somewhere about it, theres a good mix of experiences and opinions so have a search for it , i think it is called saggy skin.

take care
dani x
thanks for the replies, the "drink water from a wine glass" made me laugh :)

I have just found the forum about saggy skin.. thanks :) think i need to worry about loosing more weight 1st maybe... i tend to try and run before i can walk lol.

thanks again people, and well done on your weight loss too x


Silver Member
Hi and welcome - you are right this is a great website and CD is the best forum!!

Well done on your pre CD losses too. This is a great diet and most lose about 1 stone a month after the first week. Soon be lovely and slim.

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