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omg and i was stick with low losses


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well, for the last 2 weeks ive had a ' stay the same' weigh in and a '2lb' weight loss.
this week ive gone back to basics ' no boullion at all, limits on sparkling water, opting for plain water instead) and im very very pleased to say i have lost a whopping 7lbs this week :D.
i cant believe it. my CDC was as pleased as me.
she almost screamed.
what made it even better was the fact that my mum was with me.
she was having her official CD weigh in and started the diet today so seeing that loss must have given her addition motivation for the hard first week. :D.
im just soooo fricking happy i could cry :talk017:
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omg i cant believe i called this thread ' i was stick with small losses' .
might be a while before im classed as a stick. lol more of a small tree right now:D. lol
obviously i meant i was ' stuck' with small losses :p. hehe


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ty stush, imlosingit and sharon,
im buzzing so much right now.
after having a few very low losses i was losing faith but i think i got my mojo back again. :D
gl to u with ur next weigh ins.
Thx Cheryl, mine is on Monday, had a very quick peep at the scales and it looks like I've dropped 3lbs already :D


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that's brilliant, well done, i think we could all do with adopting your attitude every now and then, just goes to show eh, well done you!!!!
Wicked, If you want me to change your thread title then PM me, but I kinda like it ;)


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well done, I've been stuck with 2lbs a week too! hoping for a big loss on monday.
Good luck to your mum too!


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Congratulations Cheryl. What a fantastic loss.


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Congratulations!! i've had sts and then a 1lb loss so next week i can only pray i do as well as u have done!!


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thank you so much for the lovely replies everyone.
may i wish each and every one of u the best weigh in uve ever had.
it can be really hard when ur losses are low.
u see other ppls bigger losses and as much as u r very happy for them, u cant help but wonder why ur not able to feel what they feel when they get on the scales.
well let me say this.... ive waited for a few weeks now since i felt 'happy' with my weight loss but WOW, the way im feeling tonight makes up for it all.
i CAN lose those big amounts, we all CAN do this, just got to get our heads in the right place (which, ive discovered is definately not in the fridge) lol
boy i feel so good. i want everyone to feel like this. :D

Emmie Lou

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Well done for sticking with it, must have been very disheartening, its posts like these that really help others!!
Good for you!!:D
Aw bless you hun, you're an inspirartion to us all. I've been so depressed lately with not being able to properly re-start my doc has doubled my silly pills. Back on the ss properly now though and i feel so good. My skin feels so much better and i'm glowing. Lost 11lb my first week - and i'm also buzzing! Feels fab, can't wait for tomorrow! Good luck with each and every next week hun.

By the way i was thinkin from your original post - you said you cut down on Bouillon and limited sparkling water and had such a big loss - hmmm....it makes me wonder whether the bouillon is actually any good on this diet? Seems odd. Maybe you'll have to go back to having it in a few weeks to see if it makes a difference to your losses being so low again? Then guess you'll know.

x x x
:wow: congratulations, that is wonderful news well done :talk017:


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emmie , ty hun, if i can help just one person not to wander from the diet and to stick with it then im happy.... happier, im already really happy. :D

want2, ty hun. im planning on staying off the boullion for a few weeks and only drinking half litre sparkling water instead of 2 litres (just incase) then after a few weeks of being stricter i will reintroduce them slowly and if either is a trigger i will soon find out huh?. funny but thinking about that ive now started humming ' there may be trouble ahead' lol

brads, hey hun, welcome to the forum. nice to see u here :)
ive been strict, no more nibbling on chicken for me ( i know, naughty, lol). not even going to buy chicken anymore.
also cut out the boullion drink and limited my sparkling water as a few of us who have had lower losses seem to have that one thing in common (sparkling water) . it probably isnt that but i wanted all avenues covered, iykwim.

hedgehog, ty hun. wishing u and everyone else a very good weigh in. :D

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