OMG - Are They All Disgusting???


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I can only stand the strawberry shake and the porridge. Everything else is horrid in my opinion. I almost gagged with the soups ... they tasted like chemicals and they were very powdery ...


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Sorry to hear that, I am on LL and am loving the flavours so far :eek: Sorry x hope you find some you like


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Everyone has different tastes I suppose but I liked all of them, quite lucky there really. hope you find something you like soon!



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I like mostly everything, but it does make a difference how you mix them. I would definately advise you to get a blender if you haven't got one already, the shakes are lovely when done in a blender. I also do the porridge in a blender, porridge is one of my favourites - going to have it for tea tonight yummy....The chocolate shake is lovely hot, I make with warm water in a blender then microwave it. Good luck.


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Thanks for the reply's. Yes i did use a blender with the soup not for the chocolate orange and i could see the difference the orange was so lumpy.

I think im gonna need the good luck.



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I don't like any of the soups! Keep trying new ones, there will be some you like :) xx


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This is day 1 so its not looking good:(
I have had so far

1 - Chocolate orange
1 - Spicy lentil soup

:eek: They are so disgusting i could only take about half please someone tell me that they are not all so yuck.


They're not all yuck :D In fact, I quite liked them all, but I was expecting them to taste disgusting, so maybe a different expectations. The chocolate orange can taste powdery I believe, and not sure about the spicy lentil since Cambridge don't do one of them :confused:

Sure you're doing Cambridge? ;)


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Oh dear, I love them all, although some give me heartburn, I look foroward to meal time cos they are so yummy. Chocolate orange for tea yippee


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I hope you find some you like. nothing worse than being on a diet when you dont like the food. i love the porridge, like most of the shakes and a few of the soups. you'll find your favourites and tend to stick to them.


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porridge is the only one i can eat ..... 3 a day i have ....... booooring ....

liz xx


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i didnt like the choc orange either found it let an acidic taste at the back of my throat :(

not heard of the soup, do you mean spicy tomato?

vanilla's quite nice the tetras are nice to (not a fan of banana) you really have to just try them all, because youll find some you like and some you hate. most do like the porridges though, good luck x


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I like most of them. My favourite soups are Vegetable, Oriental Chilli and Chicken and Mushroom. Dont like the Leek and Potato or the Broccoli one. Love strawberry, chocolate (hot for my supper), banana, vanilla, fruits of the forest, mint choc shakes. Not too keen on the tetra's, I keep them for emergencies incase I am ever going out or in a rush, I think they taste bitter. The porridge I haven't yet decided on. I like the idea that I am actually eating something as opposed to drinking, but I think it tastes like baby milk. Years ago when I was dieting my mam used to say if I wanted something sweet to water down some dried milk, like marvel, and the porridge tastes like that. Peoples tastes are so different aren't they?


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I am really boring as I only have the Tetra's. Banana for brekkie, Chocolate for lunch and Strawberry for tea. Tried the porridge last week and only got a mouthful, even with cinnamon on top it was vile. I have tried the soups but it was proving too much mucking around at work so I chose the easy option. I want this diet to be simple so I can stay focused.
Hope you find some you like:)

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I think we are all different!

I like all the shakes, except the chocolate orange - but then I don't like that combination anyway;) I am not keen on the soups but I will have one every now and again so that I get that savoury kick. I don't like the tetras....awful things....and I love all the bars!

My suggestion is to try each of the flavours and see how you get on.


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I like the Pot and Leek best but don 't have it very often which is strange, the choc and mint shakes seem to keep me on the straight and narrow...
The tetras are yuck... the bars are lovely, but don't agree with me...
Chick & Mush soup is to me the same as the cup a soups and so is the veg...
Good luck, try watering down lots if you don't like much. I make both the soups and shakes up to nearly 1 pt.
Have fun.


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I've ditched the soups this week, found them quite peppery. Love the porridge although it is an acquired taste ! I dissolve a sweetner in hot water and stir that it. Have only got choc, strawberry and vanilla shakes. Tried one of everything the first couple of weeks and sorted out what I like and dislike. I think you need to be open minded as having the same things all the time is pretty boring. Have introduced a few bars as well but think they are a bit sickly. Like peanut best.
Best advice is to hang in, excellent weight loss makes it worthwhile !

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You might be alright you know - chocolate orange and mint choc were the only sweet ones I didn't like (although I won't be trying banana!). All the rest of the sweet ones are absolutely beautiful. Butterscotch, vanilla, strawberry and reg chocolate are my faves. Not so keen on savoury - veg soup is the best I've tried so far. Wait till you get to the bars - they really are good.


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Just had the spicy tomato, it was really nice - proper comfort soup :D great after just doing all the washing up - but I suppose it's all down to personal taste