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OMG dont believe it - slightly O/T

thought I would share this with you -

I was in tesco earlier and looking through the magazines save buying all of them (see I am making an effort to save money;)) and I came across an article in one of them that this woman who is in her late 50's has just spent £10,000 on plastic surgery to look like Jessica Rabbit!!!

Well I immediately thought of all of us and our quest for perfection on a daily basis and really what will make us all 'happy and perfect' and will we ever get there ?

When I was at the till I also butted in on a conversation the assistant was having with the customer in front because when I went to Tesco on Sunday for last minute things for the party a man collapsed with a heart attack in front of the tills and they had to do CPR on him. The ambulance came and took him to hospital.

I found out today that sadly he died in the ambulance and they had tried their best, but the man was only in his 50's.

Reflecting on this I know may be pretty morbid, but one thing I noticed when they were working on him was how overweight he was and it really made me put in perspective that he probably has a family and how devastated they would be.

Now I know he has died it has made me think of my own mortality and now every time I think of wanting that taste of the cake or sweets or chocolate I will think of him and his poor family and how my children would be if that had been me in 15 years time.

I have now decided enough is enough and I know I say this every time, but this time it has been brought into sharp focus that I owe it to may children not to leave them prematurely orphaned, but also owe it to myself to have the best out of life and enjoy it being fit and healthy.

sermon over !!

keep up the good work everyone - and just out of interest - if you could have plastic surgery to look like anyone in particular - who would it be ..............
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keep up the good work everyone - and just out of interest - if you could have plastic surgery to look like anyone in particular - who would it be ..............
Hi Jessica,

I would just like the surgery to look like I did when I was in my 20's. 28 was "my year" and I would be more than happy to look like that again. Someone was standing behind me at a bar, I was wearing a really low backed summer dress, slim and tanned and this guy whispered in my ear "you have sex coming out of your pores" Amazing as he wasn't looking at my boobs or anything. I have never forgotten than. I felt really good at the time :)


Stubborn tortoise
Oh Jess, what a wake up call... sometimes stuff like that puts it all in perspective. None of us ever know what is around the corner... we can just try to live each day the best we can.

I'm way too chicken to have surgery & have learned to accept the way I look, but like Chels I wouldn't mind shaving a few years off!



Plod, plod, plod.....
Never mind the years being shaved off, these days it's a beard as well, pesky hormones lol.
:8855: This really made me laugh!
I don't mind getting older (apart from not having long enough left) and I'd never be brave enough for surgery but I have noticed and don't like, bags under my eyes.....I had visions (ha!) of growing old gracefully, like Jane Fonda or.......not sure really, but we can't choose which bits go saggy sadly..:sigh:
Sometimes I look at pictures of someone in a magazine and check their age and am surprised to find that they look older than they are, even the make over articles.....but then I think.....'well what do you think you look like then?'
Perhaps banning mirrors would be a good idea!

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