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OMG - HELP - Terrified of the dentist


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I've had a phobia of the dentist for years...18 months ago I went for an emergency appt...anyway, today I've had a letter asking me to go in for my intravenous appt, when they're going to sedate me and take a couple of teeth out and do a general clean up. I'm terrified already and the appt isn't until Oct!
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I am also petrified of the dentist, so petrified in fact that I don't even go for 6 monthly check ups - but I take very good care of my teeth and thankfully they have been fine for years.....

When I was 21 I was 'butchered' by a dentist who literally cut two front teeth out of my gums in the chair and without anesthetic, I was covered in blood, I looked like something out of a horror film.....I braved another dentist who repaired the damage and put in 2 crowns, these have lasted for years without problems, but I am so frightened now that I will not go near a dentist.

But as you are having an anesthestic I sure it will be pain free for you and you will be alright, just relax and put it at the back of your mind, October is a long way off yet. Good luck to you. X


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Totally been in the same boat! I hadn't visited the dentist in over a decade and I was petrified of having to go. But I knew I had a pretty bad cavity that was only going to get worse so I finally girded my loins and went along... and promptly had a panic attack in the waiting room!

But everyone was so nice! Dentists' surgeries have changed so much since I was a kid. There's a big emphasis now on keeping you as comfortable as possible, and the drugs they have really do make everything totally pain-free! I didn't even feel the injections he gave me - and I needed 5 fillings and some cosmetic work on my lower arch. I was amazed just how easy it all was... was embarrassed I'd made such a fuss!

Trust me, you'll be fine. In fact, you'll probably end up rather enjoying your trips to the dentist. Just don't be scared to let them know you're phobic - it's such a common phobia and they're trained to deal with it. I told my dentist and the treatment coordinator (and all the nurses!) right off the bat, and they were really kind and supportive.

Please don't worry - you'll build it up in your head into something it really isn't. It'll all be okay!


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I havn't been in about 4/5years. I had a filling done and felt every bit of it, didn't go back!! I have 2 wisdom teeth coming through now, wonky may I add!! (same as all my sisters!) So I know they need to come out, eek! I must say I'm a lot less worried now since I had a c-section 1year ago!! Just need to get round to booking the app.

My Mum doesn't have a phobia as such, but she was petrified of having her wisdon tooth out (aged 62!! lol). So one dentist sat and held her hand. They gave her a giant gorilla to hug. And made sure she was definitely numb before starting. I think it's a lot better these days than what I remember... *big hugs* to you. You'll be fine, and I agree with not thinking about it until the day comes. It won't go any slower/faster if you do...


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Going to the dentist isn't great fun or anything but getting problems sorted early is the way forward... So do it.

In any case, they're going to sedate you, so just think about how much you are saving by not having to buy those drugs on the street! :D


Cute, but psycho!
I am terrified already. I can barely see, keep getting the shivers and feel almost ill.
Last time I went for a check up (the first time in over 10 years) I burst into tears in the waiting room and wouldn't allow the dentist to put anything in my mouth other than his gloved fingers and a mirror.

Somehow I need to be about to forget about it all until Oct, otherwise I'm going to be ill


Oooh i im not a fan of the dentist either and was always terified as a child but ended up having no chice but go last year i was in so much pain and i was very supprized how nice they was as id explained that i was terifed and had been for many years, and all can say now is i wish id had the dentist i have now when i was a child as she's fantastic.
also hun as some of the others have said dont worry yourself about it as october is a long way off. chin up :)

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