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OMG Help!!!!!

This is torture!!!

My boss and coworker are eating fresh cream cakes right in front of me! ARGH! (They can see and know i'm typing this lol)

Plus, I feel bad that I have just got back from the pub and I ordered a jacket potato with baked beans and tuna. Turns up and the tuna is swimming in mayo (goodness knows what kind). So im guessing its going to be about 10 syns! So much for the goodness :(

Meh :(
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Ooooh, how rude!! I bet they taste awful though SJ, just tell yourself that!
As for the jacket, it's so annoying when that happens, best intentions and all that. At least next time you'll know (mind you, I've been to pubs before and the tuna is ready done in mayo so you can't have it without it)
yeh i find this too and its a shame cos i love jacket spuds with tuna but i always just go for beans and no butter now to be safe!
Think how much fat is in all the cream - and picture WI if you ate some. Just picture your boss and co-worker - both of them with all the weight that you have lost on them!!!!! You have done really well.

Don't worry about the jacket - have the rest of the day relatively low syn, and that will more than make up for it.

CONGRATULATIONS on making the healthy 'jacket' option. See, your brain is already thinking slim!!!!
Yeah i didnt eat the butter luckly. Im pretty gutted with myself that I ate the tuna tbh, mind you, I did pay for it! So you reckon allowing 10 syns is enough? If I have no syns tonight (which will be hard as a love my evening curlywurly) then I should be ok for today? x
ALWAYS have a packet of chewing gum in your desk drawer! if you see something you want to demolish have a couple and it should take away the need for something sweet, and even if you end up giving in after that, the cake usually tastes horrible because its all minty so your less likely to eat it all! :p

Hey Sarah Jayne - i think you pre-occupied yourself away from the cake without even knowing by posting your dilemma on here - well done!

If i were you, the next time the cream cakes get brought out, flip the guilt onto them by saying ''Oooooh, a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips'' or ''The cake looks nice but nothing tastes as good a losing weight feels''

Maybe they wont scoff them in front of you next time you do!
Well done for not giving in Hun....they are the ones that will get fat Hun...you wont...simple as!!! Lol.
Awww fankoo ladies and gents!
I did deliberatly come on here looking for help as I knew I would cave in otherwise and I wont want to ruin my prefect run! Think i'm on day 15 of being 100% now :s

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