OMG I am expecting .....

Mrs D

a new puppy ..... that got you didn't it. I am going to see it tomorrow and think I will be taking it home as I have already fallen in love ..... Now anyone that knows me will think I am insane as I still can't believe I managed to keep my kids, but I am so excited and nervous it is unreal.

I can't even remember the name of it but I will tell you about it on Monday!! Its only a small one so I know I will be ok

Awww - how sweet!! Congratulations on your new 'arrival' and may all your puddles be little ones! :)
Thank you Debbie, I can't wait but am nervous too. My husband has always had dogs, but I haven't since I was a child
I love puppies, but my little dog would tear her heart out if anyone else came into the house as she is the baby:)

We will have to see pictures of your new baby:) :) :)

Love Mini xxx
Will make sure I have pictures sorted as soon as possible. The breeder has sent me a few but I want to wait to make sure which one is ours!!
Yeah you got me! Enjoy your puppy, I love my little yorkie sooooooo much!

see if this works
Oh they are gorgeous, how big do they grow?
not sure I could cope with all 3, but I know I AM coming home with 1 of them tomorrow night!!!

I haven't told the kids either and have cancelled almost all of next week to let him settle in.

They are cute aren't they?
Actually, I am going to need a name. Don't know if we will be having a boy or a girl dog - any suggestions - I always liked Alfie .......
Hi Aideen, Gorgeous puppy but hope you're not gonna cancel me next week!! I need u!! Anyway i will sit on your doorstep and bark,piddle and anything else i have to so you let me in !!!!! Have a good weekend . Sarahxxx

Do not worry, I will not be cancelling any of your appointments, just everything else I had planned for next week!!

Infact, you will need to be adding a few extra minutes for yourself if you want to meet the new member of the household!!

Yes Lorraine, I started SS as promised today and it has taken my mind of it completely, its great. I also rang my mam and told her that as my first wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks that I wanted to announce a new addition to the family - I think she nearly choked as she responded that had I not found out how babies were made by this stage and did I not think I was passed it!!

Any suggestions for names?