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Well 30s are the new twenties and its great to have a goal to get the weight off for
I am 30 in just over 3 months :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:ARRRGGGHHHH ... and will will slim sexy and hopefully part of a 'we':D

Wooowwww - all those things at once !! - 30 is a great age to really focus on what makes you happy and by the sounds of it you have a plan...hope you get everything you want and deserve for being such a great lady !!!!:cool::cool::cool::cool:
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30 was a real watershed defining moment for me, one of those sit back and think about the meaning of life, where my life was going etc etc moments. I am a bloke, so clearly I will never EVER fully grow up, but its fair to say I started to grow up on my 30th birthday. 40 didnt affect me at all, in fact I had a great day, but 30 was bit heavy going. Mind you, much happier with my lot now'a'days, probably because of the decisions I made on my 30th.

No doubt though, 30 is different for blokes and girlies, my wife (wasnt my fiance at the time) went through a real low building up to her 30th, clanking body clock etc

In my eyes there are some very attractive women in their twenties, but the truly stunning ones are in their thirties. To me it seems a lot of women reach their prime in their 30's, where as us blokes are on the slide by then. Lol


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Enjoy your 30th Nic, and as you add days to your life, add LIFE to your days!

rainbow brite

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Nic, from your pic I thought you looked my age or at very most a couple of years older! Looking good lass!! :D


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Aww cheers guys ...milk tray man i love your post ...made me feel better
RB you made my day hunni xxxxxxx love ya x x
I think i am just having the down part before i realise what being 30 holds for me and my future!! xxxx
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turning 30...

Hey Nic!

Dont feel down about turning 30 babe! It really feels like a big thing but once you get there you are like... oh? ok? is this it? ohhh... this is okkkkayyy! I like it! :)

If you werent on LT then you would have more to be miserable about - cos then you would be FAT AND THIRTY! eeek! At least you can wear some sexy little number and walk around like a confident and sexy 30 year old lady! That is cool for sure. I think what milk tray man says is right... girls in their 20s are attractive for sure, but a confident lady in her 30s can really kick ass in the attraction department!

Definitely so many girls let themselves go when they reach 30. Just dont let yourself be one of them, always aim to make the best of yourself. I bump into girls all the time from school who used to be stunning, even some girls who are like 5 years younger than me - and I meet them and go OMG - wow - i cant believe they used to be so pretty??

Im 33 in november - and I have to say that being in my 30s has been fantastic! I definitley think that it is a great place to be!

It is such a milestone and I think its natural for people to panic about leaving their 20s - but really age is just a number! Life is so what you make it.

Who you are is defined by YOU - not by your age!

I think turning 30 does make you think about what direction you want your life to go in. I made a lot of key decisions when I turned 30 and started to focus on proactively becoming the person I wanted to be and start to build a life that I could be proud of. I want to look back on my life and go "WOW! How cool was that?"

I am very happy and confident with the person I have become in the inside and now that I am almost at my goal weight I am so happy and proud of the person I am on the outside as well.

I have never been happier and more sure of myself in all my life than I am now. I love being in my 30s and I really feel excited about the future and what it holds. I believe life is what you make it... so I am going to make it magnificent!!

I am conscious of aging though! I like being in my 30s but I def always want to look younger than my age! So I doubt I will grow old gracefully - im sure I will have some help along the way! lol

Here's to the new you Nic... and here's to you turning 30 and moving into an exciting new chapter in your life where you can define who you are and really start to make things happen!

You go girl!

luv ya big time babe
julzie xoxoxoxoxoxo


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Morning Nicky, if it makes you feel any better, im 33 on Friday...i so don't like birthdays!!!


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I loved turning 30, made me feel like I was finally a grown up..... but I'm 40 in Jan and I'm absolutely dreading that!!!!!!!

Enjoy your 30th, nothing like it!
I hated turning 30 but it may have had something to do with being 7 months pregnant and it was my works xmas do...so couldn't celebrate properly! Found 32 & 33 brilliant....now that i'm single again! LOL! I am sure you will have a fab time xx


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Don't sweat it kid - the dirty flirty thirties are this seasons new black ;)

Same for the naughty forties seeing as I'm heading that way !!!

Embrace it willingly coz let's face it we don't have much choice :D
I am sure you would rather be thin and thirty rather that fat and twenty nine!! I will be thirty next April and i was so not looking forward to it but now i am looking forward to having a big bash and showing off my figure!! Splash out and buy yourself a fabulous dress and work it baby!!! xx

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