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OMG. I just booked................

when are ya having it done chunky? I have a few girlfriends that have had them and they say once ya over the tube insertion that it makes you feel like having a farty poo but you just relax and when they remove the water it feels a bit strange and fluttery...the one thing they all say is how good they feel once it is over and or the next week or so...you must report back and let us know how it went....how much do they cost???
I do something called a vitamin c wash! Have a google! It's £3 for the bottle of vitamin c and it lasts for ages! Maybe not as full on as colonic but left me feeling great :)
Oooh this thread was moved....where on earth did I post it originally? Sorry for that x

I'm going tomorrow.....am terrified, but strangely excited. OH is furious, says that they can "go wrong" but I think he is being over the top.

It's £60. I must be mad. Will definitely report back!
I had one done about 3 years ago, and found the whole thing a very positive experience! It's true that once you get over the initial insertion it's an oddly satisfying feeling. Good luck! X


I will do this...
I want one too - its supposed to be great for stomach problems like IBS... I've been looking at one in Edinburgh. And its supposed to aid weightloss as well - I watched one of those programmes, you know where they make themselves skinny by trying different things and the reporter had regular colonics and it did make her loose weight.

Report back and let me know because I'm really thinking about it
I will let you know ASAP! Going tomorrow afternoon, managed to get a cancellation. I think if I had to wait for an appointment I would have bottled out by now.

TMI alert....have never felt quite "normal" since starting exante, so hoping for a clearout and a fresh start. To be followed by regular psyllyum capsules and plenty of water.
Chunky Madwife said:
Well. It was certainly different. Feel quite good now. Was a bit embarrassing at first, but it was OK, you get used to it.

Not sure when I'll do it again, but I would definitely do it again.
I bet it was embarrassing :S worth the money then?


I will do this...
Did you loose weight too? I want to do it but it's getting past the embarrassing part. Would you recommend it?

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