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I can do up size 14 trousers...ok i admit they are muffin top tight but i can do them up...and breath still.....not been able to get into 14's for 20 years!!!
I dont post here much lately as other stresses got on top of me a bit of late ( trying to home school16 year old daughter having had to pull her out of school because bullying was killing her) but i really needed somewhere i could yell SIZE 14 !!! i'm not there yet but so nearly i can smell it lol
To anyone starting lipotrim all i can say is stick with it even when its hard,my weight lose has been slower then most but been on crutches for over 6 weeks and normally would of put on loads. The results you get are so worth it...and you will feel so proud of yourself for sticking in there
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Fantastic. I cant wait till Im there with you!!! Im currently size 20. But Im determined to do it!!! Im sure it feels great..good stuff. that makes it all worht it!


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cheers starbucks
lol kirsty just made myself a celebratory cuppa peppermint tea lol xx
wellandgood 10 weeks ago i was an 18-20 so you'll be there soon enough xx


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that's fab work - really well done.


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Well done hun, cant wait for that moment, Im now an 18 from a 22 and already feel brill, this diet is great isnt it :)


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Well done!! Thats brilliant, and a great acheivement :) xxx
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Fabulous news! Thanks for sharing, it's such a boost for us all on LT who are going through some tough moments.


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Well done for not buckling under all your other stresses, it would of been easyto use it as a excuse to fall of the wagon...
Your determination has been rewarded!! keep going xx


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That is brilliant, WELL DONE! Also, congratulations on home schooling your daughter. xx


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wow thanks for responses !!! kinda overwhelming
Am so pleased i've stuck with it this far and even more determined to carry on...infact last week i adjusted my ticker as wanted to lower my target. Anyone having weak moments trust me i have plenty lol but stick with it ...its worth the battle


Here we go again!
Well done vikh you are doing a great job! Great feeling going down the sizes isn't it. 11 weeks ago my trousers were a 20 and some in the 22s. My work trousers are a 16 and getting a little loose. Can't believe it!

Keep up the good work cos you are doing brilliantly! (hope your daughter's happier now she's out of the bullying).


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cheers bev daughter doing really well and hoping to pull off good gcse results still so she can go straight onto college for a levels,hardest thing i've had to do in a long time but so pleased i pulled her out,she had depression in the past and wasn't going to sit back and watch her slip back into it xx


Here we go again!
Good for you Vikh, you sound like a wonderful Mum!

If there's one thing I can't stand its bullying. Wish there was some way it could be stamped out for good. Good luck to your daughter for her GCSEs. Went through all that last year for the second time. Hope she gets the grades she wants.
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Well done for not buckling under the stress. I'm sure you doing something positive has given you that extra lift to deal with what life has to throw at you. My daughter has suffered with depression, and I know as a Mum, how hard it is to cope with. My best wishes to you and your daughter. x

Miss Bean

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Hi vikh,
Your'e doing really well..you must feel amazing - cant wait till i get to that stage Well done !!.

Keep on going with your daughter - they told me I had no chance of going on to do a levels or anything like that just to something like hairdressing. I managed to get good GCSE's and Im not finishing my 2nd year at college. I got my results through 4 A's a B and a C so it looks promising for my law degree in september ( want to be a barrister.) Tell her it doesnt matter what anyone says if she wants to acheive something she can - she should look at you :)
I admire you for teaching her at home too must take alot of effort and im sure it will pay off in the end.
Well done I think you deserve a big pat on the back for the problems you are having at the moment, well done for sticking to it, and congratulations on the 14's hun.


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Wow....size 14......you must be starting to feel good now. Well done you:D

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