OMG! I Shook Bono's hand!!


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Am still pumping with adrenalin!!! Got an email from on Wednesday witha competition to win one of 150 invites to their book signing on Friday, really quick turn around had to enter by 8pm and winners announced by midnight. At 10.30 I thought oh well and went to bed, but when I got up in the morning......AHHHHHH!!! So even though it was our wedding anniversary and it was only me that would be allowed in, my husband and I went up to London yesterday to see U2!!

I went into waterstones at about 9.30 because I couldn't stand the anticipation!! Once in you couldn't leave and they were due to arrive ant 12. So hubby left roaming the streets (bless him). Met some lovely people and we were all treated really well by waterstones. At 12.15 (U2 running late) everyone was congregated around the lifts (3rd floor) waiting for their arrival when who walks in? Hubby!!!! He'd arrived to see U2 arrive and been given a wristband to come in because a competition winner hadn't arrived!!!!!

When U2 arrived we were ferried past them whilst they signed our books pretty quickly but they were lovely and I shook all of their hands!! We had been told not to ask for dedication because of the short amount of time but when hubby (who is not a particularly big fan) came to have his book signed he said to Edge - scuse me mate it's our wedding anniversary any chance of a dedication?!!!! Edge said course you can and signed to Louise and Peter !! Then, to top it all as Peter (who just happened to be wearing his Live 8 T-shirt) walked past Bono, he took one look at Peter's t-shirt, stood up, leant over the desk and signed it for him, and so did Adam!!!!!

It was awesome, made a complete blithering idiot of myself but it was sooooooo exciting! Hope my pics come out (took disposable camera - are they any good?) Got some terrible video on my phone but you can see its them (and that I'm shaking -lol!)

Anyway need to try and calm down, it was yesterday after all :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
What a great day out you had!

You'll cherish it forever.

I know, thank you guys. It made it so much better that I was confident and could just enjoy it rather than feeling really self concious about my size. Am gonna finish up the disposable camera and go get them developed ina minute!!
Get the developer to do a CD with pictures on for another pound or so and post them up so we can see!

Ok have managed to put a couple of pictures up although they're not very good. Woman from watrestones who took our camera didn't use the flash so most of them are just darkness! :( Have got some ok video on my phone though, does anyone know how I could share that with you?

Pictures in the gallery!