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OMG - i take everything back


Cambridge Consultant
It is lovely isn't it? I'm not that keen on the choc one as a mousse but I love strawberry!


Cambridge Consultant
:rolleyes: Did you like it then?
Did I like it... Yes I loved it .. it was so nice.. think the choc was too sickly even though I love choc shakes and bars!!!



Cambridge Consultant
It is lovely isn't it? I'm not that keen on the choc one as a mousse but I love strawberry!
it really is lovely.. I will definatley be having another strawberry mousse again!!


Cambridge Consultant
lol - I'm so looking forward to week 3 :D:D:D
Your be there before you know it!!! not long and the time goes so quickly on this.. You will be able to have the bars too. they keep me going . yum yum
Banana is lovely lovely too!!
I don't like the choc but I do like choc mint mousse!!

Isn't it funny that we can enjoy one of these simple meals to the same extent as a conventional meals....



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Said it was lush didn't I lol. I had fruits of the forest mousse tonight. I love the shake and the mousse is ok, but strawberry is best. I am having mint choc tomorrow night.


Say it in Dr Evil style!!
i want mix a mousse **stomps her feet**


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Ooh I've bought mix a mousse tonight, will give it a try tomorrow. My friend says that cappuccino mousse is lovely, although she doesn't like the shake. I have choc mint and think I've got a strawberry, so will try them.


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Yep it's week 3. I really want one..but I'm a bit worried about it being a slipperly slope for me! I'll stay away from the bars though because I know eating one will make me want to eat the house!
Tonight for tea - I made banana mousse and split it into two dishes, let them set and then topped them both with a packet of toffee and walnut mousse. Yummy! mousse for tea and mousse for breakfast in the morning.


Skinny girl in a fat body
I had chocolate mint tonight. It was a bit 'rubbery', like bland and false tasing - does that make sense? Like the strawberry tasted 'real', a bit like angel delight. So, out of the 3 its 1. strawberry, 2. fruits of the forest 3. choc mint

I might have banana tomorrow night


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Hey Mia,
its funny you say that as I was going to make a choc mint one but decided I didnt like the choc one so would have it as a shake instead.. I think I am just going to stick to the fruit ones for the shake and stay clear of chocolate..

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