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OMG I think I may be starting Dukan!!!

Hi girls.

Have been reading a few of your threads with interest over the past few days. I decided last week that me and hubby were going back to a previous way of eating - mainly protein. I then came across the Dukan article in the Daily Mail and started doing some research - and here I am!! Have my Asda order in ready for delivery on Friday, downloaded the book onto my ipod last night...although I did skim the motivational/science bit as a) it bores and demotivates me and b) I know most of it anyway, at the risk of sounding smug lol. Obviously I haven't taken any of it on board for a long time, otherwise I wouldn't be here!! :eek:

Anyho, just wanted to think aloud about next weeks menu plan...please feel free to put me in my place if I'm way off the scent!!

Breakfast: oatbran porridge with milk/sweetner/cinammon

Lunch: Bernard Matthews turkey ham and cottage cheese (hubby will be having copious amounts of sliced turkey breast instead of the ham!)

Dinner: (one of) turkey/beef burgers, turkey/beef meatballs, chicken breast

Am I right in thinking I can't really have anything to go with my meat for dinner for the attack stage? We are planning on attacking for 5 days, Mon-Fri, then I'll have a look at the next stage.

I am not being totally regimented about this as it really puts me off. If I have a rough idea of the foods I am allowed then that'll do me for a short term goal. I'll cross the next bridge when I come to it :p

By the way, you are all doing so well, you're an inspiration!! :kissass: pmsl :D
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sounds like your motivated
would check the salt content on the pre packed meat as it can catch you out did me with some i got .....
good luck
Good luck, great that you won't be doing it on your own too!


** Chief WITCH **
Hello there and welcome!

I'd reiterate the comment made about about eating too much processed food if you can help it (and "copious amounts" really aren't a great idea!).

Ref not being able to eat anything with your meat, I sometimes add a fried (fry lite) egg to be able to have a little sauce... otherwise make a sauce (recipes in the book or on here).

Try to vary your menus where you can, and do some cooking, and you'll not get bored. Check out our menu threads for some ideas perhaps.

Good luck and keep posting - perhaps open a diary!

(PS your husband will lose weight far quicker than you. FACT! grrrrr!)
isnt it annoying that the men lose weight quicker and easier IMO than us
they don't have to put up with half of what we do with regards to weightloss stallers...

water retention
and a natural predisposition to fat-storing :(

Good Luck Capriosse and hubbie

I have been on it two weeks today and the other posters are right in saying variety is the key, I have added flavoured yoghurt to my oatbran pancake as I have a sweet tooth really making a difference, These forums are great too,
Hi, welcome and good luck. My husband lost a stone just by stopping drinking milk. Men always loose quicker
lol my oh drops a stone by kicking the real ale for two weeks


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Capriossi,

yes I can just agree with everyone else that sounds good. I presume you've had a look at the recipe thread etc, to give you ideas. One thing you don't mention at all is any kind of fish - including smoked and tinned (like tuna in brine not oil), and seafood. I found those helped a lot to add some variety. Like a quick omelette with prawns which is what I made/had tonight when my family was tucking into a nice pasta meal which I had cooked for them. And the other key is to use different spices and seasoning to make the meals taste different even if it's frequently the same.
Jo has already mentioned watching your intake of processed hams etc as there can easily be quite afew hidden carbs and salt of course in them.

As for things you can have *with* I always find a sauce made from quark / yoghurt / fromage frais makes life more interesting, and the book has some useful tips there too.

Anyway, welcome and good luck, I found it really quite easy, now come the hard part for me...

Oh any I meant to say we had a 'Dussentials' thread last week which I found very interesting:
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** Chief WITCH **
Aren't we all kind and helpful...

(and has the OP disappeared?)

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