omg im in love with...


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the spaghetti meal, rob sent me a sample and i was soooo hungry and cold tonight i thought id have that instead of my shake to warm me up if anything (ketosis i think)and omg it was lush..i tried the cottage pie a while back and said i wouldnt bother with the meals as it was really nasty but tbh i dont think i made it very well and ended up chucking it, but ive got to say i could easily live on these, ive just placed an order for some more and also the new chocolate shake and a couple of porridges i hope they are as nice, oh well just had to share that with you xxx
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Glad you liked it! I love the spag bol. It's kept me sane on this diet (well as sane as I get) ;). They do a chilli now too which is also supposed to be good. The cottage pie :yuk: Haven't tried the new choc shake yet but those who have seem to really like it so I'm looking forward to trying it soon.


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I had it on day 1 and it's yummy.... Only have one more pack so saving it for when back at work....coming home I need something nice to look forward to....,,


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I'm looking forward to my spaghetti sachet later, really enjoying this diet so far. I ended up only having choc mint shakes on the CD and it got tiresome very quickly.