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OMG I'm so happy I could cry!!!

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In fact I did!!!!!

I went shopping today. I popped into Evans just to have a quick look at their sale stuff. I found 2 tops to try on, one size 16 and another size 14 - I didn't realise they did size 14!

The 16 fitted but was a bit loud for me so I tried the 14 on - didn't expect it to fit but it did!!!! I loved the colour and neckline but the seam was right across my bust so unless I hoisted my boobs round my neck it just wouldn't look good so I decided against but was very happy that I had fitted into it, loose tunic style or not it was still a size 14!

I had another look at the rails and found a dress I rather liked. I'm invited to a party next month (between my anniversary and birthday) and my eldest had declared yesterday that we needed to shop for a dress for me!!!!! I decided to try this dress on, wishing she had come with me for support and advice.

Well it was a 14 and I really didn't think I'd be able to get it on but thought, I've got 4 weeks, should be able to shift a bit more by then so gave it a go.

OK, I had to ask the assistant to do the zip up for me coz it was a side one and I can't bend that way but I only bally well got it on!!!
A SIZE 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To the amusement of the assistant I burst into tears!!!!

It is still a bit snug around the boob area and I will need to rethink the bra situation but I don't care!

To top things off, when I went to pay for it the till said £7, a bargain!

I skipped out of that shop!

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aaaw well done princess im made up for you. good job it wasnt me in the shop serving you though. crying women make me really nervous and uncomfortable lol.
keep up the good work sweet! x

rainbow brite

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Awww sweetie!!! I'm so so happy for you and proud of you too!! You're such a star and deserve to fit into those 14's more than anyone I know!! Before you know it that dress will fit you like a wonderful glove and you will look sensational!! Bless you sweetie, I can just imagine how emotional you got after such an incredible journey so far!! You're an incredible inspiration!! xxx


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arr well done hun no wonder you cried. xx


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great news!!!!
well done you! I am so pleased for you x Can i ask what size you were when you started? The reason i ask is because i really want to be a 18 by christmas but know there is probably no chance i am a 24 now can get into a 22 but very tight. x


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Fabulous!!! Size 14!!!

Well done !:party0011::party0011::party0011:

Love Mini xxx
oh well done ,, ur thread has made me smile and feel a bit teary too ... imagine in 4 weeks that dress may be too big for u
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well done cf! :D i can only begin to imagine how good that felt.. im sure you look fantastic :D xxxxxxxxx


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Cuddly Fairy! You ROCK!!
Size 14 is brilliant, it couldn't happen to anyone who deserves it more than you, after all your hard work and the good advice, support and inspiration you give to everyone else.
You'll look like a Princess in that dress, well done, lots of love,xxxx
Congratulations, I would have disolved into a puddle of tears as well.:party0038:


Do a little dance!
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Well Done! Save that feeling and help it with your motivation.

Congrats - It's fantastic!
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wowee cf!! i didnt know they did a 14 in evans either!! thats amazing, bet you're in 12's by end of Sept! x

rainbow brite

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A friend of mine was telling me that Evans only recently started stocking 14s and she was gutted because she's a 16 and used to love getting the smallest size in there but now there are (obviously) people in there who are smaller than her! lol

Annie 100

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Think of all the other shops you can give your full attention to now! Best put a lock on your credit card!! Well done, you must be feeling the bees knees.:party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011::party0011:

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