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OMG - I've fallen off the SW wagon in spectatular style this week - HELP!


Cute, but psycho!
OMG OMG OMG!! I can't stop eating!

On Friday (the day after weigh in) we went to Scarborough where I relaxed and had fish and chips and an ice cream. Later that evening we had a McDonald's so I had no free food all day!
Since then, although my meals are SW, I'm snacking on Easter chocolate and yesterday in town I had a chocolate milk shake (although made with skimmed milk - cos that'd make *all* the difference!).
Weigh in, with the new consultant, is tomorrow and I know I've put stones on, it's more a question of how many.
I feel so crap and disappointed with myself, but it's like I can't stop!

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We all fall off the wagon, hun. It happened to me quite unexpectedly last week over Easter where I gorged for 3 days! Look at your ticker and all of your awards! You've done AMAZING!

You will not have put on STONES. The important thing is to go to class, face the music and start the new week fresh and back on track! If you do that then you have every chance of losing whatever you may have gained this week.

Try and take it one meal at a time and make them SW friendly. Give yourself 15 syns (or 20 if you need them!) today and try and have some chocolate but in a controlled amount - that way you'll still be within your syns and not being deprived. Forget about what's happened yesterday, Friday or even an hour ago.

Start now as you mean to go on!

You can do it!
Hey honey,

Everybody has times like this, so don't beat yourself up about it. As Stacey said, look at how much you HAVE lost and all your awards... your doing absolutely fab! Don't let 1 week of slip ups ruin it all for you. Get back on it xx
I've just read the time table and there will be another wagon along shortly, just hop on :D


Cute, but psycho!
Oh I could cry, you're all so lovely...

*is now filling up for real*

I just feel so crap. I know what I'm like, it doesn't take much to take away my will power and if I'm not careful I'll just think - 'well I've blown it' and before I know it, all the weight will go back on again. I feel like I'm losing my motivation.


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The wagon is pulling into the station. Get on it. :D

Don't spend time worrying and getting upset over last week. You can't undo it in time for WI... but you can undo it next week. And trust me.. it won't be stones.

I fell off the wagon last week for the first time since I joined 6 months ago and put 4lbs on. I was mortified.. but.. got back on track and lost 5lbs this week. If I can do it, so can you. Trust and believe in yourself. I gave myself a good talking to. Everyone was telling me, look how far you've come, you've done so well (as have you) but that didn't give me the kick in the rear I needed. I needed to remind myself how far I still had to go (if that makes sense). The positive's make me complacent. I actually needed someone to tell me I was still a fat cow and to shift my lardy arse back into gear. Thanks to my hubby for being so blunt.. but it worked even though I sobbed at his harsh words. He told me afterwards he was looking out for me and he knew he had to be harsh or I'd ignore him. Now I'm definately NOT going to say that to you... that's just how I had to deal with it to get back on track. What I will say to you is forget it. What's done is done.. but make sure you plan to get back on track. WI will be whatever it is... but you can be a shining star the following week when you get it all off again and more!

big hugs for you... and stop fretting!!! And I haven't forgotten about those trousers I said I have for you. Two weeks of trauma in our house meant that it's taken a back seat, but I will get back to you about them :D
Just looked at my weight loss journey and I put on 5lb in a week last august, but I managed to shift it and lose even more so don't worry, Definitely go to group because they can give you the motivation needed to get back on plan x
Hi jes, Chin up! Think about why you started SW and why you want to lose weight-write it down and stick it somewhere you can see it. Please stop beating yourself up about the slip up-it happens to all of us, but it is the guilt that will keep you on the wrong track. Good luck, you CAN do it!!! x
Oh I could cry, you're all so lovely...

*is now filling up for real*

I just feel so crap. I know what I'm like, it doesn't take much to take away my will power and if I'm not careful I'll just think - 'well I've blown it' and before I know it, all the weight will go back on again. I feel like I'm losing my motivation.
I know exactly how you feel. All it takes is for me to have one bad day and I'm off! Even worse not seeing results I want on the scales have me reaching for the junk!

I read something yesterday that I thought summed it up for me!

It's Choice Not Chance That Determines Our Destiny
You can do this Jes, you know you can, look how far you've come, you've done SO well. Find that motivation within you, start afresh and forget what's been and gone.


soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, agree with what everyone else says, don't beat yourself up about it, we all go through this sometimes, and sometimes we just need a mcdonalds, or some chocolate. The important thing is you can just draw a line under it and start again. xx


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Jes, I bet your weight tonight is nowhere near as bad as you think. OK, you may have put on a few pounds - on the scale of things, is that really worth beating yourself up about? Is it really worth forgetting all the hard work and excellent - and I mean EXCELLENT - results you've had up to now?

It was a slip, a little hiccup which may have slowed your weight loss down a tad for a week. Just a week. Only you can let it have any long term effect. And you may be p*ss*d with yourself now, but think how much angrier you'll be if it continues.

I'm so glad you're still going to WI this evening. :happy096: That shows real determination - so many would skip the week . . . and then the next week and the next. Going shows that you're not only ready to get back on the wagon, but you're taking hold of the reins and going to drive the damn thing.

Good luck tonight. Let us know how you do - and here's to a fresh week.
Hi Jes, I agree completely with all that has been said. You have done incredibly well so far, you have so many awards to be proud of.
It's on little hiccup that has gone, please try to forget about it.
Tonight will be fine, you expect a gain so won't be shocked, just start agin like it's your first week and you'll have a cracking loss next week.
Keep your chin up chick and stick with it.
jaylou xx

The consultants are trained how to welcome someone back in the fold after a gain, they know you already feel crap about it, it's thier job to support and motivate you, when you sit in the circle, look round the room, everyone of them will have fallen off the wagon at one time or another, if losing weight was so easy Sw and support groups like this, wouldnt exist.

I saw that programme the other night about the 33 stone teenager. She was 15 and went to a "fat camp" type school in america and had alot of psychological support as well as excercise and food training. She made amazing progress and really changed her atitude to food. One thing she said to the camera towards the end really struck a cord with me, she said, " I totally take responsibility for my weight, I take responsibility for what I put in my mouth and what it does to my body"

For the last twenty years, I have fallen off the wagon for various reasons ( its, Christmas,birthday, feel down, need to reward myself etc) but I think those words are going to help me in the future, I have writen the on a piece of paper and stuck them to the fridge.

Good Luck tonight, I know that feeling of dread, knowing the scales will go the wrong way. We are all behind you here.

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