OMG! ive just eaten cheese on toast


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:( befor i knew it it was in my mouth and i ate it :eek: I'm so annoyed with myself, two slices of bread, i cant believe i've gone and done that.
i'm scared as to what will happen now?
can i just carry on ss'ing tomorrow as normal? i dunno what to expect. am well peeed off, i was doing so well too on day 10 and had not cheated once,not even thought about it either. god am so stupid i could kick myself
Start again SSing in the morning, hun - get right back on that wagon!
If you don't -it'll be harder for you to start again.
Just forget it and move onwards and upwards!
aww thanks so much isobel, i praying someone would reply, cos dont think i would of gotten much sleep if i hadnt been able to get some advice from somewhere. it is totm for me so maybe thats why i did it, ive done so well too.
do you think it will be ok or will this throw me right off track and off ketosis? x
It'll probably knock you out of ketosis but you'll soon slip back in again. You won't have that 3-4 day lark to do.

Don't worry, but watch out next time...these things have got a habit of jumping in our mouths especially after they've done it before while SSing ;)
Hi Skyzie,

I'm not SSing at the moment hun but have recently, and been where you've been tonight, like a lot of us.
Isobel and Karion's advice is spot on so carry on back on track in the morning and try not to dwell on cheese on toast girl.

You've done 10 days....that's got through the hardest first few days for most of us. Hope you've gone to bed not worrying too much and still feeling
thank you allxxx
todays a new day and i'm back in positive mode, plus i've just weighed myself and the scales are exactly the same as i least i aint gained any by my mishap last night.
I wont be doing that for a long time i was GUTTED to say the least. After all i'm only cheating myself if i cheat aint i
I love this board it's become my 2nd home.
Hope everyone has a good positive day xxx
That's great, Skyzie! I'm so glad you are feeling so positive today!
We are all human and we have to learn from our mistakes - it's when we keep on crashing the same car that it gets tricky lol.
I had a slight 'wobble' the other day and with the help of the guys on here i climbed back onto the wagon !!!!

At least you have realised it and taken steps to get back on it !!

Onwards and upwards (scales downwards);) ;) ;)
So glad the scales are good to you today, honey! Sometimes we just need a little 'scare' to make us realise what it is we really want .. and that is to lose weight and get slim eh? ;)

Have a great day - and, as you say, onwards and downwards!
hi there summerskye
Yes i'm so glad ive woke in positive mode other wise it would of been a constant food battle all day. The scales are my bible, i live on them always have done and always will do i suppose, even when i was slim i was always constantly weighing myself, if i eat i weigh myself after every meal and even when i have a drink too.
At least this morning there was no gain, if there had of been it makes me miserable which in turn makes me eat... so today i love my scales lol xx
Hiya all

I also slipped last night after i checked my scales and found that they have moved just by 2 pounds. I was also expecting my period a week ago and it still havent arrived even though i am getting all the signs that it is on its way. I hopped on my scale this morning without clothes and it showed that i was 20st 7lbs.

How does the totm effect the weightloss process? Does it add to it?

Anyway i am now back on the ss. Noway will i drop this diet as it works. It was just blip (pasta) i have to remember but i hated myself afterwards.

We can do it and we deserve to be happy..dont we girls?
I've had quite a few mishaps and I just get back on. i haven't lost as much as I could have done but the good news is I've still lost loads. Don't worry.
Irene xx
For me TOTM actually means that I get less of a weight loss the after :confused:

Oh well, at least I know what to expect and the other 3 weeks also vary so there is a definite 4 week cycle of weight loss for me but I guess we are all different.

Try making a note of your losses and TOTM and seeing what it does for your losses. :)