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omg ive just got up


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Hi all

Cant believe ive just got up and had some cereal quick.

Well was at docs yesterday he gave me two pills for my arm as it was killing me, well i couldnt stop talking yesterday, i felt i had a bottle of bacardi and i couldnt stop scratching (not all time) so i checked these tabs online and they both cause drowziness itchy blurred vision which i do have, but the pain has really eased off. Shall i just keep taking them as they do say the symptons do wear off lol.

Judi help cos i couldnt go on wii yesterday cos well felt high as kite and i dont want stop using active, shoould i just go on the fit for a while till these tabs finally stop doing these bloody symptons hahahaha and give rest to my arm for a while?

Have good weekend all :D
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Take care Jacquie, if your symptoms get worse I think you should ring NHS direct for some advice about your tablets, and definately speak to your doctor on Monday about the side effect's of your tablets, I'm glad your pain has eased off for you though, but please take care.
That is one hell of a sleep in!!!

It is good that the pain has eased and I guess it is kind of reassuring that your side effects match those on the information but I would keep an eye on things (no pun inteded, with your blurry vision I promise!).

NHS helpline are really good though if you do feel like you want to call.

Hope you feel better


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Thanks both of you :D

Yes gonna keep eye on things now as starting feeling on cloud nine with itchiness again but gonna go for shower that might ease it and also vision bit do wiffy. Tbh i dont know which is making me itch the inflammation tabs or painkillers lol but was thinking not taking pain killers later and see if that helps cos doc did advice only use when needed.

If feel same in morning i will ring nhs up and on monday if no better ring docs.

Also the lie in i think i needed cos youngest been getting me up at stupid oclock and not sleeping till about 3am cos he got aspergecs and the medicine i think aint working no more on him grrrrr so i needed it hehe


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Obviously you needed the rest Hun so don't worry about that! Now as to exercising, why don't you just go on wiifit and do some free step? Alternatively, and being abit squiffy :eek: (I've had a couple of red wines :)) I seem to remember you're on EASA. Well why not go onto the custom workouts and set yourself up on a lower body workout? They might have one on the preset workout too. Obviously your shoulder needs rest, but concentrate on the step/running sections, lunges (gnash gnash!) and it will settle. And you will be able to keep your calorie burning up. Sends healing vibes .
hehe... whats he given you!!
I know that some painkillers cause beyond interesting side affects... but definately keep an eye on them hun incase they go into something else or just get bloody annoying!

give your arm a rest and hope all better soon! xx


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given me TRAMACET which tramadol 37.5mg + 325mg paracetamol when needed for pain

and motifene which diclofenac sod 75mg twice a day
given me TRAMACET which tramadol 37.5mg + 325mg paracetamol when needed for pain

and motifene which diclofenac sod 75mg twice a day

I can sympathise hun I'm on 800mg a day of tramadol plus other stuff inbetween for pain, thats why my spellings crap (I think I am spelling it right but know I'm not cos I get told) . See fairies, I've turned into one lol. And .....I'm still in pain, as for the itching, I just take an antihistamine in the morning to stop it cos I scratch like a dog with fleas if I don't. Hope your pain goes away very soon hun cos banging into the furniture like some drunk comes next.

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