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omg, just read something about 95% of people gain weight after CD!!

I've just read part of a post from a few weeks ago, not sure what the thread was about but I just remember seeing that 95% of people re-gain their weight after doing cd. Is this right?? Do we have the true statistics anywhere.

I know it's up to us to control what we eat, but isn't it scary that the % is that high??? OMG

what do you know about this?? All answers will be greatly appreciated.

I know I'm not near to goal yet but I've always worried about when I come off CD, will I just go mad with food and gain weight again? Only I can stop this from happening, I know this:eek:

xx sj xx
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I havent seen any official statistics but I believe that the majority of people regain their weight regardless of how they lost it. Its not the fact that CD causes their weight regain.

THink about it. Most of us are here trying to lose weight because we have eaten too much. Far too much to be honest, and sometimes over several years to get to the position we were in at the start of CD. Now if we go back to our old eating habits we are bound to put the weight back on. You have to use the CD as an opportunity to re-educate yourself with food and eat in moderation and take regular exercise to maintain the loss
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To be honest, I think that is the case in most diets. I know alot of my friends have got to goal on WW, only to put it straight back on.

As wannalose8stone says, It's about re-educated yourself regarding food, with this diet.



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I think its scarey thinking that you are at goal and really you think will i put some on , i think we still have to becareful but in say a week you can have a few treats , its when you keep doing it everyday , really slipping back to your old ways . I've lost before and kept it off , 5 and half years ago i was 10 stone not my lightest but alot better than now . you will find your path

Once I got nearer to goal, I started reading posts on statistics etc. about how many people stay at goal. At first it was depressing and discouraging, but then I thought, sod it, I'm going to up those statistics just a little bit. I have been at goal for 3 months now, I know that's not long and I am still battling with binge urges etc. but my weight is stable and I intend to stay at goal.

You'll see by the people who post in the maintenance forum that it can be done. There are some inspirational people who post on here, Icemoose, Karion Dieting, Madame Dotty, CIRDT to name but a few.



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ok Guys its time for me to hammer the treadmill, and sit ups . catch you all later , think of me panting lol , and while i'm gone no nicking my choc's ok , i know how many there are , wink lol


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I think that the sad fact is, is that once you limit your intake of food by dieting, you immediately set yourself up to become obsessed with food, particularly food you 'can't have' while on the diet.

This certainly happened to me over the thirty years I dieted. I now know that I will always have to stay vigilent 24 hours a day, seven days a week, now that I have successfully lost all the excess weight doing LL.

Over the summer holidays, I gained back 13 lbs of the 100+ which I'd lost, but have now allowed my adult to take back control over the wilful and spoiled child within me who had gotten the upper hand for a while.

I think it was Karion who had a link to a marvelous site (eating disorders website?) which had details of an experiment that took place during the 2nd world war. In a nutshell, volunteers (taken from people who were consciencious objectors and whose alternative was prison, I think) were put on diets (they were given half rations) to see what happened.

These volunteers were people who had been fit, healthy males who had no issues with food or dieting beforehand.

After the experiment, most of the men had developed issues about food, some becoming anxious or depressed.

For me, Sophia, it means that I will always have a difficult relationship with food, but I have to learn to live with it and keep vigilent.

Alcoholics are always alcoholics even if they don't drink for x number of years. They KNOW that that first drink can eventually lead to another et al. Sadly, with food, we cannot not eat again. We have to learn to deal with our issues.

That was one reason why I was so successful with LL. Not eating real food for five months was a relief.

So, stay vigilent. Let your adult take control, put the child to bed, and tell the parent to butt out. You will be the 5%!!!


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The idea that 95% of people put it all back on, is a myth that has been circulating the net for some time now. I've never heard it applied to CDers before though, just dieters in general.

Fortunately, it’s not true :clap:

The figures for maintaining weight, also seem to be rising each year. I guess there is much more information around about ‘how to do it’, i.e. the importance of good food and exercise, along with strategies to help keep you at goal.

The latest research done by the US government this year, shows that as many as 59% of people who have lost more than 10% of their weight through dieting are within 5% of their goal one year later. I can’t remember the exact figures for 6 years +, but it’s something like 20%.

I can see no reason why the figures couldn’t be much higher, but a lot people are blinkered and really believe that the diet is the one and only journey. In fact, when you get to goal, it's a whole different ballgame.
Totally agree with Karion!

I have never seen the research that says 95% put it all back on. But then again I have never seen the research that says 99.9% put it back on which a local doctor told me!

I have been at goal weight for 18 months now and the reason is because I don't eat as many calories as I ate when I was big, I eat the amount of calories my new size requires which is around 2400 on a normal week!

You got big once and can get big again BUT only if you allow yourself too.

At the end of the day statistics mean absolutely nothing and you can massage them either way, all that matters is that you learn a few lessons, make good choices when you can and never just think "oh it can't be done" and let the reigns off.

Will I ever truely be able to have what the hell I like to eat and stay slim???? NO!! But then again neither can a person who has always been slim....the maths don't add up!
Hey Icemoose

Are you still using Cambridge products plus 2400kcals a week to maintain?? Is the idea generally not to wean yourself off the cambridge products eventually?? Sorry if Ive got this wrong??

I don't use the Cambridge products anymore and haven't now for 18 months, I do occasionally have a bar as I like them and maybe have 2 or 3 a week but only have sachets when i am trying the new flavours.

Therefore the answer is 2400 calories in total and all of it "conventional" food

Mike, you have 2400 kcals per week????

That doesn't sound like very much to me (or have I completely got the wrong end of the stick and read the post incorrectly?)
I hope its a day!! I was trying to visualise living on about 2000kcals a week when I was finished :p Didnt think it sounded right myself!!
2400 a day!!

My god 2400 a week!! I'd look like a twig!!



Strong women stay slim
Hehe , so thats how you done your dieting on few cals lol
wow guys, thanks for all of your replies, you are all so very helpful and I plan to read the maintenence forum when I get nearer to goal.

Thanks again sweeties, you are all fabulous with a capital F.

i have to admit once i am at goal i will still always be on a diet
if i ate what i used to i`d soon gain all the lbs back on

it`s all about maintanance
once at goal i will weigh myself once a week to keep an eye out and if one week i have gained a couple of pounds i know by cutting back for a few days i will stay around goal weight

it doesn`t mean you cant have a treat or a take away once ina while what it does mean is eating healthily 95% of the time with the exception of a treat now and then but you must always check on the scales that you haven`t gone over board

as long as you keep tabs on your weight there is no reason to gain all the lbs back on

kaz :D
It is true!! I do eat kebabs, drink wine and eat a pie at the football but it is certainly not the norm and can't/won't become so....


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