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OMG!! packing for Disney Paris


A week of worrying what the hell was I going eat while away for four days at Paris Disney. You are probably saying ... he must be mad the place is fullof places to eat !!. I totally agree, but the first thing was the cost ... OMG the cost of eating at the park is totally a rip off, and I have been told pretty poor quality and not very healthy. So there was my problem !!.

The cases are now full of mugshots, scan brans. Quorn, fruit, Mullers, LCows. Diet coke, squash.... you name it I have packed it and all SW friendly.

If we get turned out by French customs I am going to P*** myself laughing I really am!!!. I can image what they will say " Sir you don't like french food or something"!! and you have so much food for just four days vacation! ..... SW philistine (a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits) LOL !!!

The OH & my lad are going to be hailing to the SW plan as well, but we have also put some lovely goodies in for him to have... well its a magical place and a few sweets are just what is ordered for him and her I bet.

A few people said " your on holiday forget SW for a bit" that sound all well and good ,but i know once I slip for a couple of days I really feel I will get into bad ways again. Also I will not enjoy myself as I will feel guilt because I cheated.

Anyway my lads gone to bed eventually... very excited little boy..... indeed!! feel asleep in my arms telling me that he can't miss the Disney train because Micky Mouse is waiting for him to come and see him, and he wants to give him a kiss and a big cuddle..!!

Phil x
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Slow but sure....
Best of luck at the customs Phil, and have a wonderful time, all the walking should help too I'm sure, safe journey to you.


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Phil , youll love it its brilliant and your lad will love it . We went a few years back and we couldnt find anything much to eat (son is disabled so we struggle )
There is a mcdonalds :)whoopass:) LOL
they have a planet hollywood restaurant
a wild west rodeo type ,eat all you like restaurant, where there was lots of chicken salad and corn. there was also a place that did something similar to our version of cheese on toast but it got sickly. They was all a bit expensive. so we just ate mcdonalds a lot ....
I wasnt on SW then ...probably why I am now LOL.
Hope you have a lovely time and enjoy yourself whatever you decide to eat .


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Oooo Phil i'm highly jealous! I went for my 25th back in February and had an amazing time. It is shockingly expensive..i nearly passed out at the price of a McDonalds :D but its only a few days and you'll find it easy to stick to SW while your there i'm sure. You'll end up far too busy to eat, lol. Have a great time, say hi to Donald for me! (Mickey is soooo over rated, lol) xx


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Anyway my lads gone to bed eventually... very excited little boy..... indeed!! feel asleep in my arms telling me that he can't miss the Disney train because Micky Mouse is waiting for him to come and see him, and he wants to give him a kiss and a big cuddle..!!

Phil x
Oh Phil... that brought a tear to my eye! :eek: :cry:bless!

I can't tell you how jealous i am of you right now! As you know, i LOVE disneyland... you're going to have SUCH a magical time... you'll have to tell us all about it when you're back :D

My must-do rides are -

pirates of the carribean
rock n roller coaster
tower of terror

And my advice is to watch every show/parade that you possibly can, as that's where all the magic lies (especially cinemagique - very good, but not so entertaining for the kids - only lasts about 20 mins tho :D )

Oh, and one that your little boy will LOVE is 'stitch live' in the studios. When we went and watched it stitch picked me out of the crowd, told me he loved me and wanted to marry me, and named a planet after me - 'Beki-topia' :D LOL

Anyway... have fun! I can't wait til we go in september!!! xxxx


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Have a lovely time your son sounds super cute. Mine is away in France right now with the school - Year 6 trip. I miss him lots for he was once super cute himself. Do tell us all about your trip. Safe travels.


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Oh forgot

And I am going to do green days for four whole days ( thats very scary)!!!

Phil x
Lol...don't worry about all the carbs. Trust me, with the amount of walking you'll be doing you'll soon burn it off.


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awww if phil's going by eurostar he'll be arriving in about 5 mins! he'll have already had his first glimpse at the magical castle! :D oooh i wish i was there! lol


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Oooo i know Beki! Me too! I'm such a big kid! Disney is amazing isn't it lol. I've been to Florida 3 times in the past 15 years and did the California one last year and then Paris this year. I'm going back to Florida too with my friends next year. Obsessed much?? :p xx


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I can't/won't fly so can't go to the florida one :( But i've been to disneyland paris 3 times so far (january '07, january '08 and january '09) and we're going again on 28th september and taking my nan :D

Then we're planning a surprise birthday trip for our DD's 11th birthday in feb (see the holidays board - oh i'm so excited :D )...

basically, we're totally addicted!!! :eek: LOL
I went to disney land paris when i was 10, so about about 7/8 years ago.. i remember then that the hotdogs were HUGE! :O .. and it is realllllllllly expensive, so i can appriciate the worry of money and generally eating food. There are loads of places to eat, but it is difficult! i admire you for not just throwing it away for a few days.. i hope its easier than expected for you!!!

have a fantastic time! tell us all about it when u get back ..



I am one of the 63336
I went to Disneyworld Florida for 2 of my 3 honeymoons (!!) and have been back another 2 times although the last time I went was before the Animal kingdom opened. I'm pining for the sunshine now!!!

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