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Want to be a yummy mummy!
Ahhh bless her she will love it!! Very cute and will keep u occupied.


Fab & Fit For Florida
atleast you ain't at work hun, it's dreadfully boring here, dunno why we are here, it's absolutely dead!


has started again!!
Feet done! DD very happy, seemed to enjoy it & oddly do did I! Dont really do enough girly stuff with her & she always plays with boys as all our neighbours have sons, no girls her age around at all!

Seems like sun is trying to come out too, so things are on the up!!


soon to be minnie mouse
yes boring sundays but i've been painting the hall all week, saved myself a fortune on a decorator, more money towards my new wardrobe of clothes. keeping your mind occupied and body occupied helps with this program


need to be old goofy me
Personally, i've always though sundays are the most boring day ever invented... plus there's something about them that makes me sleepy...?!! Don't know what it is about them ~ roll on monday, never thought i'd be saying this but work is good, at least it keeps me occupied and all thoughts of eating the entire edible contents of the kitchen disappear and normality resumes...
It's weird how different days of the week 'feel' different. I don't have the usual Sunday feeling because I'm off tomorrow. I find CD much easier when I'm not at work.


need to be old goofy me
I find CD much easier when I'm not at work.
I'm totally the opposite, when i'm at work i hardly ever think about eating, in all honesty. I have my 'breakfast' at 7am[ish], then lunch hour is either 12-1pm / 1-2pm depending on the rota. After that i don't eat again until i get home about 6:30pm. Its after 6:30pm when i've eaten all i'm allowed that i find tougher...

I find weekends tougher because i'm about the house more, and i guess thats one of the reasons i'm on this diet is because i used to 'boredom eat'... i did it without realising, and it was something to occupy my time. Now to stop that, i'm either on here waffling away, or out for a walk etc. Speaking of a walk... i think i'll go for one soon, just updating my iPod at the minute ~ i think i've listened all the tunes on it too much that i've 'killed' them.
yvonne - I agree with you hun. I find it much easier to stick to it at work. I dont take my purse to work now so I cant buy anything to eat. Home is difficult cos there is food around and people eatin it! I dont get in till nearly six so there are less hours for me to fall off the wagon :)
I listen to songs to death too lol.

It's seeing people munch all day and have yummy food at lunch. Although it's more feeling a bit awkward just sitting there whilst they all eat. Plus work bores me and I used to eat my way through the day. I also feel a bit daft being all Tom Cruise from Cocktail with my shaker. Possibly because the first day I did it at work, I hadn't closed it properly and it exploded all over me. Cringeworthy at the time, quite funny now!

Bring on Wednesday and stocking up on tetras.
I should add that when it exploded it made a huge noise and wasn't mixed yet, so it was a big puff of powder, then soaked in water. It was a good look for me.....


need to be old goofy me
LOL @ Cheekychops!


Fab & Fit For Florida
I should add that when it exploded it made a huge noise and wasn't mixed yet, so it was a big puff of powder, then soaked in water. It was a good look for me.....
funnily enough, i have just done the same sort of thing...

was opening a pack of oriental chilli to add to my shaker but the powder wasn't settled at the bottom of the sachet...

i ripped it, and now i have bits of powder in my black velvety hoody and my trousers have a light powder look to them lol :eek::p:eek:


has started again!!
Loving the image of several CDers all coated in their packs.... question is, is it a wasted pack or did you "have" to eat it, any way you could!!!! LOL!!!!!!

Thanks for cheering my Sunday up too! Sun is out now, so been in the garden with my fork and trowel, feeling good. just fed up I keep having to run up & downstairs for a wee.........

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