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Vegetarian who lives2eat
Just back from WI and was told that SW have changed a few 'free' items. The SW crisps are no longer free or roasted chickpeas or cous cous cake, said there is a temptation to eat too many of these instead of a free food that will satisfy you and fill you for longer,so it thinking caps on to all you experimenters to find us all something else to nibble on !
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A moaning old boot!!!!
Im glad I have never tried them..............I may not have been able to stop eating them :)


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Any free food that is used for something other than its 'original' purpose can not be considered free... so technically SW crisps shouldn't be free BUT I bet you scan bran cake is still classed as free as they know it is the only way some people will buy and eat it!

If it isn't effecting your weight loss and it stops you from eating pure rubbish at times you would reach for real crisps or cake then what harm is it doing? It is only when you are not losing or gaining and eating a lot of the supposed 'free' treats that you need to reconsider them imo.

*still sulking after she made a bloody gorgeous chick pea cake for class and the consultant told everyone it was 40 odd syns for the whole lot*


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BUT I bet you scan bran cake is still classed as free as they know it is the only way some people will buy and eat it!
Ha ha, completely agree!!!

I was always told chick pea/cous cous cake is not free but didn't know about the crisps.

Also agree that if it doesn't affect weight loss then no problem, but if you are not losing then these could be the things to cut out.


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SW Crisps???

I have never heard of these - where do you get them or do you make them?

Please let us know & also what are the syns?
well lets hope they dont do away with SW CHIPS!!!!!!!!!
i could be wrong but aren't they just potatoes sliced really really thinly, sparyed in fry light and cooked in the oven. They might not be free in unlimited quanities but they must be better than eating a big family pack of doritos!
The SW crisps are made with with lasagne sheets.

I have also heard that the Morrison's free sausages are being discontinued :(

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