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Attack Omg! When

Mrs S 08

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I'm on attack day 4 and had no headaches yet ( touches wood ). Try drinking more water.

I think I roughly drink about 2.5lts of water per day.

Mrs S 08

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Hi icequeen
Migraines are awful, I've been sitting with a cool pack on my head all morning (glad I only share an office with 1 person lol)
I've drank loads of water already this morning and took more tablets (little help)
I suffer from migraines before dukan so maybe that's why I've been prone to them now
Hopefully will go in few days when I start cruise


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Headaches normally happen for the first 3 days of a diet (I believe the 3rd day is normally the worst). Hopefully they will ease tomorrow. Try to hang in with the diet because it really does work. You could also try eating your protein every couple of hours. Good luck.

Mrs S 08

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Thanks dgirl today has been the worst and I'm hoping they start easing tmw, I think I'll move into cruise on sat instead of mon, hopefully having some veggies will help x


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Lots of H2O... I'm on day 4 and no problems (but I did start veggies yesterday)

Mrs S 08

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It seems to be easing off today, still there but manageable. Gonna stick with it today and tmw and move onto cruise on sun
I've lost 5.5lb over the 3 days so far


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3 days in attack (had to do 4 days) I felt dreadful to the point I almost gave up completely bad headaches and flu like symptoms - thank goodness I didnt! Once in the next phase I was fine found I had more energy and felt so much better ...............


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I've been plagued with headaches too, had migraine today which is typical as I tend to get them at weekends ( doctors call them recreational migraine as they hit after the stress ends i.e. work) I'm found the days I go out for a walk the fresh air helps keep the headaches under control. Mine I proved after about 4 days of attack but then hit again when I got bunged up due to the low fibre. I find the wheat cushions that you bung in the microwave a great relief for the headaches especially with a couple of drops of lavender oil on them. I've used them for my migraines for years, usually have one long one along the back of my neck and a flat one across my eyes and forehead. Hope the headaches ease off for you soon, it's miserable dealing with them day after day and I'm sure the constant painkillers don't do us much good either. :)