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OMG Why is it so hard to re-start

Maybe you should wait for a few weeks of being back into the diet before returning to the gym. Are you on SS? If so you are probably not getting enough calories to go to the gym and your body is probably screaming for them.


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Hello Louise

I'm on a re-start too, and started 2 weeks ago, my head was really not in it last week, and only used a cpl of my shakes. So decided to try again, but with a little exercise too and a few challenges. I'm finding it much easier this week and know i've shed a few lb's, my WI is on Friday and that will tell, lol.. I think if you've done it before, the re-start is harder, and not sure why.. But set yourself a goal and some mini goals inbetween that, and it'll be your incentive to push yourself. Drink lots of water, as you already know and if you really are still struggling, then look at adding a meal, ss+(Talk to your CDC), Which is the one I am on, as I cook every eve, for the family, its nice to sit down and have something, even if its not much. I tend to have Chicken and cury kale, or salad or cottage cheese and green salad.

Re gym, its not wise to do that, if you are doing any cardio work, but walking is ok.. I bought myself a pedometer and aim for 10,000+ steps a day.

Good luck,x
thank you girls, i joined the gym b4 starting the diet, i think if i leave gym i will be even worse, the gym makes me feel good.

How do you all manage 4 nights out, im a single girl who enjoys a night out.
When i have a do have a night out with the girls its normally 1 - 2 a month, and its a pub crawl then a club, i cant seem to enjoy myself without having a drink with them :-(
When i have a do have a night out with the girls its normally 1 - 2 a month, and its a pub crawl then a club, i cant seem to enjoy myself without having a drink with them :-(
I went out on Saturday and managed to not have anything but water. I have to say though I am used to this because I was never a big drinker. I enjoy laughing at everyone making fools of themselves when drunk, he he. :D


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Hi Louise,

Let me introduce myself *Queen of Blips and re-starts* !

You are very right in saying that it is difficult to get back on track after a blip. I personally find that, depending on how I'm feeling I have to put different strategies in place to get my head in the 'zone'.

So far, since April I have put together these strategies...

* Put together a private little notebook (for your eyes only) and put in pics of you at your biggest and of a body shape that you are aiming for - cut out from a magazine. Each stone you loose, take a picture and add it. This motiviates me a lot.

* Write down a list of reasons why you are doing the diet. Mine varied from unhappiness, embarassment to the logical health reasons.

*Rather than think of the shakes as being a 'diet' (I detest the word tbh!) think of them as a detox for your body, to flush away the food that has led to the extra rolls you no longer need.

* Think of the shakes as being your 'medicine for weightloss'.

Importantly, try to remember that CD is only temporary. I have been doing CD since April, and I would be telling porkies if I said I wasn't a tad bit fed up and bored of the same old...nevertheless, for me, what is 1 year of consuming shakes if it means I can achieve a lifetime of a new found confidence in my newly transformed slimmer self...for me, that 1 year will be well worth the tears, the hunger, the constant weeing and bordem.

I really hope you can find your mojo soon. I think perhaps you need to prepare yourself for feeling a little rough while getting into ketosis - it's like a prior nausea warning! I do think, that during the 'getting into ketosis' patch that you should take a break from the Gym. Then once you are in ketosis start back at the gym SLOWLY. And build up the amount of time that you spend exercising as the weeks go on.

The very best of luck hun :hug99:

Hugs x x x


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I think if you really want to loose weight, then you'll have that mindset, to stay off the booze, otherwise, whats the point in doing this extreme diet anyway? If you are putting yourself through this, then you must want to shed those lb's, let that be your voice when you're at the pub.xx
I think restarts are hard because we know how difficult the diet can be at times, especially the first few days. I have restarted today for the 3rd time after gaining all my weight and a bit more :cry: This will be my last go - hopefully 3rd time lucky! I need to lose 6 stones and have a special event in the Autumn and I'm determined to look good for it. On the plus side, we know what to expect. I couldn't believe how my mind would play tricks with me and try to persuade me to abandon CD (use to tell myself it wasn't a healthy way to lose weight, that I could cheat once a week and still lose because I was kick-starting my metabolism again). You name it and I have thought it;) This time I will ignore such thoughts! It's all or nothing this time apart from a few events over the next 6 months I can't/don't want to get out of. My biggest problem is who to tell and how to explain my weight loss as I know I will get the knowing looks of 'but you did that diet before and it obviously didn't work because you put it all back on and more'. Will deal with those when they start.
I breezed through the diet Sept to Dec then went through 2 months of blaaaah and now I am trying desperately to get to my pre blip state of breezing through it again.
Got to get into the right mind set again.
I will I will I will


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I'm exactly the same, first time was sooo easy, I had some great losses, this time round I've had some really small losses and I'm finding it really hard to stay motivated when I'm only seeing losses of 1 and 2lbs a week. But still I'll keep plugging away at it, just need one good loss to get me feeling better about it all again.

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