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OMG..........yes it is!!!!!!!

This is the quietest board around! :)

I'm afraid I've lost all my will power since before the weekend, and I just can't seem to get back into the diet at all.
I've not picked up the book, planned meals or shopped properly and I am now feeling bloated, sluggish and lethargic.
I'm supposed to go to class tomorrow, and I know I'll feel better for doing the exercise, but I really don't want to get on the scales at all.
This is only my 4th weigh in and I feel like I only really tried for the 1st week. I've gained every week since!
How do you get focussed and STAY focussed? Any suggestions greatfully received.
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I stay focused by really thinking why i want to loose this weight. We all have different reasons for doing it so just find ur one.

I have a picture of me at my biggest and i look at it when im feeling unmotivated. That really helps me.

I set mini goals and then reward myself, whether it be with a new top or jewelry or a special dinner, once ive reached my mini target i have my reward, ive worked hard for it so i get it.

My partner puts £1 away for every 1lb i loose so when i reach target i will go on a shopping spree for new clothes.

I think about the new me and my new bod i will have.:D

Everyone slips but its getting back on the wagon once its happened u should concentrate on. Forget the mess up it happens just say oh well on to the next day and just take one day at a time.

I keep a diary of each day i do. Theres a link to it in my signature. Its really good to look back over when ur feeling miserable.
Thanks for all the tips.
I think I gave myself a kick up the backside last night, and I've had a really good day back on track.
I couldn't go to my class tonight as I ended up working the late shift, but at least I can't be disheartened by knowing of any gain! :)
I think I need to plan my next days meals each evening so that I know exactly what I'm having when I wake up. I also need to build in more exercise as I don't do a lot. I have 2 RC dvd's, both unused, yet I love my class and I know it makes me feel good. I also like swimming and need to make it a regular event.

By the way, you are doing brilliantly, and I'm certain you will have that slim bod, and enjoy spending the saved pounds. Keep up the good work.


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A lot of ppl in my class find planning there weeks meals really helpful. When i go shopping i only buy what is on my list and thats it.

A few ppl in my class have also got other ppl to make there weeks meals up for them so they have to follow them. Obviously get some1 who knows the diet to do the food plan :)

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