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Attack OMG!

i love galettes too!!!

I was really worried about making them as i'd heard people have had trouble getting them right but i've made a few now and they've all turned out great.

I put spicy marinated chicken and mint yoghurt in mine or steak with roasted peppers and onions on a PV day. Having a tandoori prawn one tonight - YUMMY!!
Oooooh very nice!!!!!! must try that!

a galette is the oat bran mix cooked, you can have it for breakfast or with a meal, the recipe is in the book, if you dont have the book yet i can post it up if you like?


grammar police
Are you on dukan Annie? A galette is kind of like a pancake made with oatbran.

I felt the same about galettes once I got them right (the first was a disaster!). Wait till you try the toffee muffin recipe! One thing I know won't be hard after consolidation will be keeping oatbran in my diet - what an amazing ingredient!
LOVE Galettes! I have mine with a teeny bit of red onion, low fat ham and a poached egg on top - divine!!!

Jonsgirl, do you mean you put the chicken etc IN or ON?
I wonder how IN would work? hmmm....


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I use the galette mixture to make muffins and always put a cube of smoked salmon IN each... simply stir in mix for the galette... with muffins, I half fill the silicon case pop my cube of whatever in, then cover with more mix... and bake. The ones in the photo also have 1/3 crabstick on top of each! (3 = daily ration of oatbran on Cruise)



LOVE Galettes! I have mine with a teeny bit of red onion, low fat ham and a poached egg on top - divine!!!

Jonsgirl, do you mean you put the chicken etc IN or ON?
I wonder how IN would work? hmmm....
I make them really thin then use them like a tortilla wrap.

I put the chicken etc in the middle then roll it up
That's my plan for 2m jonsgirl.. So far I have only made them normally bit gonna try it on pv for wrap style dinner canneeeee wait!!!!!
I made an absolutely gorgeous one today. I decided on the hop yesterday I was going to start Dukan becuase I seriously need to sort myself out and I'd already got the book etc. Anyway, I was down in the kitchen and couldn't remember what was what so I just made it up. 2tbps of oatbran, egg, 2 tbsp of nat. yogurt and a little bit of sweetner...it was absolutely beautiful...just like eating cake! so a result all around.


** Chief WITCH **
can you not get fat free fromage blanc or fromage frais?
Ah! Thanks Jonsgirl:) What are you using as your dairy? I'm using quark and it's pretty thick, makes more of a hotcake than a pancake. Do you add any skim milk to thin it out?
I use quark and mine turn out ok i tried doing one with fromage frais and it was ok but not as pliable (it didnt roll as well)

I use morrisons quark which is quite thin and runny - more like a yoghurt than a cheese.

Suppose you could thin it out with a touch of skimmed milk - my mixture is quite runny so i can spread it out really thinly in the pan.


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Having just read the Dukan book, I must admit I was worried that the galettes would be vile but having seen this thread, I'm really excited about them now!!!

Those muffins look to die for!!! I like the idea of rolling the galettes like a tortilla. I was wondering what I could do for lunch when I'm at uni so chicken and lettuce in a galette suddenly seems very appealing!!!
I thought they would be disgusting too - the ingredients don't look appealing at all but they're amazing. In fact I don't know how i ever managed without them.

The muffins have a bit of a funny texture (well mine do anyway) but they taste yummy too - especially the toffee ones.

I'm looking forward to trying the vanilla moist cake tomorrow when i get some more eggs
i think i would love gellates and muffins, the only thing i hate cooking...
it's not really what you would call cooking lol,

Chuck all the ingredients in a bowl, stir, put in a pan/silicon mould etc - 10 mins and its done - its really simple :D:D

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