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I hope to lose a stone b4 xmas this is acieveble good luck

sarah x


Just follow the plan
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I'm hoping for at least half a stone, hopefully more. I've got a few nights out though in the next few weeks, so hopefully I can still lose.


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I'm new here, you seem to be doing so well I bet you get your wish . Well done:D


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you can do it! I thought it was 7 weeks but you have scared me into reality!
I am aiming for a stone for xmas!
If you keep at it you can do it.
I aint haveing a xmas dinner this xmas as i am working (working the 999 dispatch) so in a way its good cos i wont be tempted with all the bad stuff!


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Thanks for the support all...

We haven't had a turkey dinner for many years... I tend to do a nice greek meal or roast lamb dinner something we know we all like really. Not sure what to have this year but I am really really going to enjoy it haha


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OMG only 6 weigh ins, i want to lose 2lbs per week so hopefully that willl be 12lbs by xmas. Need to get back on track

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Christmas Eve weigh-in!

Deck the halls an all that jazz!my last :party0051::party0049::party0048::party0038::party0036::party0027::party0023::party0019::party0011:weigh-in is crimbo eve 10am.We are having a buffet(all from the sw books)those that cant cook are bringing diet drinks/booze all to be counted in syns of course.Just cant make up my mind which to make a veg chilli,quiche or chicken kebabs.Will prob do a salmon and broccoli quiche,never fails and chilli might be a bit much at 10am!!Used all the party smillies love them guys!


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omg no i've got a target of 2 stone for xmas already done 1 put don't think this next stones gonna be as easy ty for kicking me to reality