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On 1200 plan may need to stop cd products-advice please

Hi girls,

I have been moving up the steps and have 6lb left to lose and I am currently on the 1200 plan. I am finding it very expensive now, still having to buy cd and food shopping for me to and have been toying with the idea of stopping the cd products. I have already cut to 1 cd product instead of the recommended 2 cd on the 1200 plan and just replaced it with 140kcals of sensible food.

I was wondering if I cut the cd products completely and just stick to 1200 kcals if this would still get me to goal.

I have read how important it is to move up the plans but my next step is 1500 and then maintenance. I know how to eat sensibly and to portion control as well. I still want to weigh in with my cd to as I really want to see this through to the end.

Does anyone have any advice-I am so torn on what to do. On one hand it seems pointless to pay out for cd when I am eating 3 meals a day. I have no concerns that I can do a low kcal diet succesfully but on the other worried that there may be hidden cons to stopping the cd products. I think I am covered vitamin and mineral wise on 1200kcals of food.

Help please, I see my cd in the morning to get weighed and would like to reach a decision on what to do :confused:.
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I don't really know what to tell you, my journey was very different and never got to do my steps up properly (which is very bad and has me now still on shakes for maintenance which, as you can imagine is a big issue so I'm going to see an endocrynologist to get help upping my intake) but the one thing I will say is that everyone I read about here that jumped over steps had serious issues maintaining later down the line... With that said I am sure you'll do great whatever you choose!
I have read that to MissAmma, but I am thinking that must be for people that jumped from ss or ss+ straight back to food or back to old habbits. I am already eating the recommended breakfast lunch and dinner on the 1200 plan and feel daft bulking out my days kcals with a bar in the evening, kinda like I'm eating a choc bar (my cd bar) that although I love I don't need and it's costing me lol.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
It is definitely possible to get all the vitamins, nutrients etc you need on 1200 calories. I think you realise from just eating the food on the 1200 plan you won't be at 1200 calories, in fact about 270(?) cals below. How are you working out what food you need? Have you just started on 1200? If so, I'd probably stick with one shake or something for two weeks and then stop after that.

The thing about the packs is that they do help your food to be quite high in protein, and lower in fat and carbs than some conventional foods you may choose so that's just something to bear in mind.
Thanks Laura, Yes I started the 1200 plan last week and start the second week tomorrow. I have only been having 1 bar with it and making up the kcals I lose from the shake by adding a larger portion of protein ie chicken etc to my evening meal. I have basically calorie counted my meals to make sure I am staying within the 1200 kcal for the day including my bar and watched my carb intake, so if I were to drop my bar I would replace the kcals that my bar is into one of my meals in the form of protein or a balanced protein/carb food.

Laura Croft

Happily maintaining
Good good. As you know there's carbs in the packs as well as protein, and also lots of vitamins and minerals so make sure you get enough of all the groups.

If I ever did CD again, I'd stay on the packs for the two weeks of 1200 but that's just me. :) Of course, I understand the financial side of things too!
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I saw my cdc for weigh in and lost 1lb which I am happy with as I'm just so happy that it is still coming off whilst increasing food intake. I have got another week's supply of bars for this week so that means I will have been on the 1200 for the 2 weeks and then next week I will continue to do 1200 but on food with no cd packs. Wish me luck xx.


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lol Laura, thanks hun xx.


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I've come off Cambridge twice now and carried on losing. I just kept my calories low (say 1200) and ate low carb for the first few weeks. I'm just 2 weeks out of CD now and I've started losing again..which suggests that I've put on all my glycogen.

So it isn't inevitable that you'll go doolally...you just need to be strict with yourself.


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Coley, that is very reassuring... I am in retreat from 'failed' 810 to the safety of 1200 where I was happy before... but it seems like a scary leap. This has made me see it as less of a risk. Thanks, all.



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Thanks Coley, I am feeling geat on 1200 with just one cd product and quite confident now about sticking with 1200 next week but with no cd at all. Like you say stick with low carbs and stay within 1200 I think all will be ok. I just feel so great being back on food and the scales still heading in the right direction that I could scream with excitement-I know that sounds bit overboard but I really feel like a battle has finally started to be won. I know maintenance is the hard part too but I really do feel confident for the future with my relationship with food. Thanks for all the advice girls xx.


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I did stay the same for a week or too..so don't panic if you do or even gain pound or two...it's just your glycogen stores filling up. After that the scales start to drop again.


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Yippee, I lost 2lb at weigh in today so only 3lb left to goal.

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