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On a downer

Well after a fantastic weightloss of 15lb in a week, I decided to eat like a pig for the next two evenings.... Which involved lying to everyone as they will be gutted.
Definitely not in ketosis and not sure I ever have been as always felt hungry, deffo not just emotional hunger.
So day two of being back on the straight and narrow and feeling miserable as sin!!!!
Not been on here much as everybody talks about food so much!!!!!
Is it stupid to even thinking can change who I am and be remotely normal sized for life??????? :(
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Of course you can do this, so you had a wobble - none of us are perfect, if we were we wouldn't be here!!;)

You're back on day 2 which is fabulous

:hug99: Come on - we can do this!!

Don't be too hard on yourself hun, vlcd's are hard fullstop. You've gotta have your head in the right place to even contemplate them so well done you getting back on that wagon again. I've also had a bit of a rubbish week, not from eating continuously but i've certainly not stuck to plan 100% either and my losses (or lack of more to the point) represent that. However, i'm not going to tell myself off but instead look towards the positives. You can do the same and you have lots to be proud of, 15lbs in one week is amazing. Even if you were to lose nothing the week after it's still an average of over half a stone a week which is not to be sniffed at. When i was wavering during this last week i made a list of things on my diary thread of why exante is the way to go. This helped me get my head back on track.
Hugs hun you obviously are getting in that frame of mind as you've come back ;o) you can be a "normal" size we all can it just takes a lot of willpower, but honestly a vlcd is the hardest thing I have ever done. You need to feel good about yourself and without getting "too deep" you need to ask yourself why you did it an confront the reasons why before you can move on. Sending lots of hugs and good luck xxx
Thanks ladies for your lovely, helpful comments. This day has gone from bad to worse as just found out my first love has died from cancer....he was only in his late thirties and the kindest person you could have wished to know...... So very sad
Sorry to hear of your loss


Thanks toots. Was such a shock... He was only 38, ran marathons and climbed mountains then got struck with the Vile and cruel disease Cancer. Mercifully it was quick, but I'm blessed that he was my first serious boyfriend. Makes you realise how fragile life is xx
It's tough - but like you say it was quick so that is something to be thankful for.

You're right, life is fragile and short. That's why you have to enjoy youself

I hope you feel better soon

Shimmystar - I am so sorry :( HUGS .... I am sorry about the food talk too, it gets to us all and I am one of the culprits. I think because avoiding food is such a big issue it is talked about so much. Try get back on track, if nothing else do it for yourself hunny.

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