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on a mission....!

hiya hayley, welcome to minimins. My advice to u would be no matter how tough the first few days are stick with it. and if you feel hungry just keep yourself busy and drink lots of water. im in week 3 and it really does get easier!

best of luck tomorrow
becky :)
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Hi Hayley

Good luck on your CD journey and welcome to Minis. Dig deep for the first week and then it will get much easier! Looking forward to seeing you shrink!



Fed up of being fat
Hi and welcome!!
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im also re-starting tomorrow so we can compare notes.

I was supposed too restart last week but my work mates arranged a leaving do for me which i could not say no to so rather than start and go wrong i have delayed it by a week. good luck with it


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Hayley, get ready for a rubbish day 3...after that? Sail away. Hop on here whenever you can for all the help that's available.


100% all the way!
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Hi there, and welcome x x x This site offers great support your lose your weight in no time x x x
awww thanks everyone. wel gunna have milk an a rich tea biscuit shortly then thats its. u will be hearing lots of me, have started a diary on the members only bit.

thanks again your all stars xxxx


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Wecome Hayley! I started last Tuesday and have felt good all the time. I've had no hunger, headaches or any of the other problems that some people get. I know I have been lucky. I put it down to the amount of water I am drinking - about 4 litres per day - and the fact that I kept myself so busy in the first few days I didn't have time to think.
Due for my first weighing tomorrow so I am hoping for great things. A sneak jump on the scales end of last week was very encouraging!
Keep reading this forum. Everybody is very friendly and very helpful.
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Welcome to the group and good luck on your CD journey. You'll get heaps of support on here - plus lots of encouragement and shoulders to cry on if the going gets tough!

I notice we have around the same amount to lose - although I'm on CD 790 so you'll probably shrink a lot faster as you'll be in the fast lane if you're sole sourcing :)
I don't mind though ... I'll plod along in the middle lane and meet you at the finish (have a cuppa waiting will you ... ;))
Good Luck Hayley,

I'm on week 2 now and i'll agree it definitely gets easier. I'd recommend staying away from temptation for a while though, I was at a Christening at the weekend and surrounded by party food. It was torture, I stuck to diet but it was hard work.

Let us know how you get on!
hi all,
Well nearly done day one!!! Kids had to have maccy Ds for tea as i didnt want to risk cooking, they think it great, forgot i would have to put up with the smell of it though. should of cooked them pasta or somthing!!!

starting to wonder what my weight loss this week will be????? any guesses?/

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Well done for getting through the first day Hayley. Keep it up. This site is a great support. I have been on SS for a week now and going for my first WI tonight. Everyone varies on their first week but I am sure if you stick with it you will be dead chuffed.


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Hi Hayley,

How are you finding Day 1?

Keep posting and drinking the water.
not too bad, i think if your minds in the right place you find it easier. Found it ok starting last time too, may of just spoke too soon!!!


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