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On cd for 2nd time, getting married in 9 weeks!!!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
Hi everyone,

I'm back on CD, i first used this diet about 2 years ago and got to my goal weight, but then i met my fiancee and its the same old story, eating out...him telling me im perfect as i am dont need to diet etc. So got comfy and put on all the weight i lost and then last august got pregnant, put on 2 more stone, my daughter is now 14 weeks old and an angel so i dont regret the weight i put on with her,

the worst thing is that my fiancee proposed on christmas day, and we set the date for october 16th and obviously you cant use this diet for 12 weeks after a c section so i was desperate to start. i've now been on the diet for 2 and a half weeks and already lost a stone which im over the moon about! i have roughly 9 weeks till i get married and when i last tried my dress on about a month ago it didnt fit! :cry:want to lose a couple more stone before my wedding.

and im just needing some support as cd counserllor is on holiday till the 25th, not hungry but just wanting food grrrrr.

week 1 - 8lbs
week 2 -6lbs (1 stone!!!)
week 3 -
week 4 -
week 5 -
week 6 -
week 7 -
week 8 -
week 9 -
week 10 -
week 11 -
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Welcome back hun and triple congratulations - new baby, forthcoming wedding and your weight loss. I'm sure a couple of stone is very doable before your wedding day. Best of luck to you xx

Lisa D

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S: 12st10lb C: 12st6lb G: 8st13lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 0st4lb(2.25%)
Well done for getting back on it, the first week is always the hardest for me but u are already on your third week, your doing really well & you have a great incentive. Keep it up!


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hey girls,

thank you! im very motivated this time around...if you look at my before and after pics thats the weight i wanna be! i wont be that for my wedding because i was 12 stone 10 there, and im currently 16 :-( soooo depressing,

how are you both doing? x


Likes to eat
S: 15st0lb C: 11st7lb G: 8st8lb BMI: 31.4 Loss: 3st7lb(23.33%)
Congratulations on well, all your wonderful things that are happening!

I'm also a restarter, also hoping to lose around 2 stone by 20th October because that's when my boyfriend is next visiting me (he lives abroad - I am seeing him in a couple of weeks before that though, but I won't have lost any noticable amount of weight because I've gained 8lbs since I last saw him!) - we can do this! Best of luck :)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
hiya hun,

oh im sure you'll lose 2 stone easily! i mean im hoping to have lost 2 stone before the 16th october! really dreading walking down the isle, my fiances family is huge and i havent met them all as most of them live in birmingham and we dont get the chance to go up there, so the first time they're going to see me is in the church and i dont want the whole "oh god why is he marrying that fat cow" lol i know they wont but its in my head that i want his family to be proud of who he is marrying.

S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
good luck hun - u can do it!!!

ive got really similar story to you. lost weight with cd met my oh, got pregnant :) my daughter is 7 months old and ive lost baby weight plus 1 1/2 stones :) xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
now you've lost the baby weight are you still left with extra skin?

i had to have an emergency c section, and im left with that stupid apron its not huge i must say but obviously hoping losing 3 stone will help reduce it, really would like to wear a bikini on my honeymoon but wont feel confident if iv got horrible extra skin, hoping because im young it will spring back, fingers crossed lol

what diet you doing hun?
S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
im doing cd hun, ss and ss+ switching between as smetimes i need th eextra energy. havent been that good the past few weeks for various reasons but still losing. i dont have saggy skin but tummy is looser. it looks quite flat though :)

i have stretchies now so a bikini is out of the window for me, i do get a spray tan every week though and that makes then look better.

12 months pre preg i was a small 14 (suited me, im 5' 6 34G boobs so nice curvy fig, no tum etc)- was 13st 4 (may seem heavy but had no fat etc - im a dance teacher part time and was happy at that weight

booking in apt was a 16, and was 15, 7
went up to 17,9 in pregnancy

Im now 14 stone and am btw 14 + 16, tummy is 16 everywhere else is a 14.

will try and add a pic of me at the races on sat and u can see what i look like - dress is a 14 xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
wow you've done really well, some people can be short and heavier but look slim if that makes sense, you're probably just quite toned from the dancing etc. i have stretchmarks too and they were really bad during pregnancy she was 10lbs when she was born lol but they've pretty much all faded now, although i shall be getting a spray tan for wedding so hopefully that should disguise them for honeymoon.

whats your goal hun?

S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
im in the green x


S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
added some pics hun, my goal is 13 initially so 1 stone to lose, then i might try and get to 11 1/2 after then. i want to be 13 by end of oct xx


Will be slim!!!!!!!
you look great hunni! how're you finding SS? im sure you'll smash your goal! are you wanting to reach your goal for anything special? or is that just the date you've set yourself? xx
S: 14st7lb G: 11st0lb
thanks hun, its our anniversary on the 30th oct and i would like to be 13 - well 13, 4 as thats what i was when we met and ideally would like to be 12, 7 by jan 16th as thats mirren's 1st birthday x
Hi jackie.

Well you sound like you are doing well, just resist those temptations to eat. I'm sure you will, as you have a very important reason to stay on track.

We are all behind you.

*Whispers - This lot just want to see your wedding photos, but I just want you to be happy* :D

Good luck, although I'm sure you don't really need it. :)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
i think its so much easier to stay on track when you have a reason to lose the weight! last time i did cd i was just doing it to be slim really...and so someone would find me attractive lol worked i guess!

hey fat-boy, well i will gladly show them all my wedding photos but only if i look good lol how long have you been on ss?

But you won't look good. You'll look amazing. :p

I did it for about 7 weeks last year and lost just over 3 stone. Had a bit of a health issue and had to stop. One thing after another I only managed to get back on it last week. Day 11 today. :)


Will be slim!!!!!!!
aww thank you hun, hope so! yeah i did it back in 2008 for 8 weeks and lost 32lbs but loosing it so quickly caused me to have gallstones so had to come off the diet, and lost another 12lbs in 2 weeks as was just too poorly to eat anything.

you've done so well! keep the good work up, do you have a deadline that you want to lose it by? x
I am hoping for around the end of November, but it really depends how things go closer to my target weight.

I'm also not really sure what my target weight should be. I've set it so that I will be in the healthy BMI range, but I may get to 12 stone and decide I am happy.

All I do know is that when I was 18 and 10 and a half stone with a BMI of 23, it was not a healthy look for me. So 11 stone would be the absolute minimum.

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