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On day 3 and all ok, but worried about scare stories!!

Hi folks, am on day 3 of lipotrim and actually loving it so far as feel better already, although I know its gonna get harder in time. I really want to do this, but i wondered if anyone could give me some reassurance about these scare stories about rapid weight loss and people droppring dead!! Something to do with heart arrythmias!! i am still gonna do it, as i know the fat will kill me in time, but I would rather do it without feeling scared of the diet and whether it is dangerous.....any comments? help?!! sorry for being so neurotic!!!:wave_cry:
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what!! iv never heard of that before lt was actually introduced by gps and some people even get refered to lt by their doctors i cant see it doing any harm its improving your health
drinking alcohol while in ketosis can be dangerous even fatal but the diet itself is fantastic
hope this has helped a bit


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if you feel well now there is no reason why it should get harder in time, if anything it may get easier.

as for the scare stories, they were prob made up by people who cant be arsed to try such a strick diet and want to undermine everyone elses chances. keep seeing the pharm and report any changes and you should be fine.


I will do this!!!
well im doing it through my doctors so i assume if it was THAT dangerous they wouldn't advise it and they definatly wouldn't do it through the surgery so i think you'v been given bad information!


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Its medically certified and if you feel unwell at anytime get you ass to your docs...apart from that you are doing an amazing thing for your health and body ...and most of the scare stories are from uniformed people ...these people could have had an underlying condition before starting mass weight loss!!!
I am sure you will be fine...we've all lasted months!!!
Hope hospital and other hospitals, doctors surgeries run this program and there has been clinical studies... the diet also complies to various regulations ...so tbh its as safe as it can be xx
thanks missyd, i do know that they say its safe and stuff, but I keep reading stories about women on VLCDs who lose masses of weight and its so fast their heart packs up!! I think prob these are people who had bad hearts in first place. But my pharmacist didnt even take my blood pressure!! I am sure its fine, and prob they have just highlighted rare case(s), and tried to scare people. i am such a whoos! but i have no choice so am gonna get on with it so i can get my life back asap! x ta lots
I read somewhere that the danger of adverse changes taking place to your heart rhythm occurs when you are very close to a healthy weight and the problems can kick in when your body then starts to burn up lean muscle, instead of fat, because obviously there is little fat left to burn up. I wouldn't worry hun, until you have reached a healthy weight, I'm sure it is pretty safe to be following a VLCD.


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Like the others say, if a hospital can promote it, the risk of LT or VLCD is so much lower than the alternative illnesses. You are doing a very good thing by reducing your weight. You will soon feel the benefits. I did last time I lost weight on LT, so much so I can't understand now why I stopped when I did. Good luck xxx Merlin


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I'd rather die thin :D


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lol Howdy-doody, cheapskate you want a cheap coffin
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Im on day 74 and i am alive and kicking!

Im on day 74 and I havent felt as good in years! The only thing that I find scary about this diet is sometimes I look in the mirror and go WTF? WHO THE HELL IS THAT SEXY LADY? Its quite scary. :) xox


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Way to go the Future is indeed bright xxxx

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