On my guard


Carpe diem
I was gutted yesterday when I went for my weigh-in and stayed the blimmin' same :(

I hadn't cheated either - this made it even worse: the only difference was I didn't drink perhaps quite as much as I usually do because I was taking the kids on outings and I didn't want to spend the day drinking and 'visiting the ladies'. I never drank less than 2 litres but usually I drink closer to 3 (I've rarely been able to manage more than that). Oh - and it's also the end of TOTM for me. Could be a factor I suppose. Whatever the reason, I felt my bottom lip quiver as I stood on the scales - I was devastated!

My CDC gave me a very positive talking-to ... saying it was water retention and there's no way my body was hanging onto fat on so few cals a day etc but I was still GUTTED!

Anyway, I went home with a face like a wet weekend, cooked a lovely shepherd's pie for everyone, had my soup and a CD jelly - OK so far.

However, later, everyone had gone to bed and I went into the kitchen still pee'd off from the weigh-in and suddenly that familiar old feeling hit me. I opened the fridge door and had this overwhelming urge to stuff my face silly.
I knew it would be the absolute worst thing I could do so I began thinking 'Should I just have some more CD jelly'.

But then I closed the fridge door and asked myself if I was truly hungry or just wanting to eat for another reason. Of course, I only wanted to eat because I was upset so I had a quick drink of water and went to bed.

Today, I'm glad I didn't succumb to the pressure my own mind was putting me under but it did hit me that I still have those feelings lurking around.
For anyone who has completed their journey, do you ever FULLY retrain your thoughts so you don't even think that way anymore or do you always have to be on your guard?

Oh well, back to the CD grindstone for another week, made tougher by this week's slap in the kisser! :mad:
Debbie, WELL DONE for resisting the fridge. Be proud of yourself and I am sure that the weight loss will sort itself out this week.

Hi Debbie,

I have to admit, I personally always have to be on my guard, because inside of me is an extremely fat person screaming to get out. If I let myself go entirely, I could eat the whole entire country and still be hungry!

I regained a stone from the four I lost last year, and that was because I got complacent. Now I'm back on SS and I hate it, but it's my own fault for being so relaxed about my food habits.

I have a tendency to binge, and continue eating even when I'm uncomfortably full. I managed to do this for 10 days on holiday, even though it made me feel sick. Couldn't stop myself, and I felt really awful about my eating as well! This is what happens if I let my guard down. I'll always have to ask myself whether I'm hungy, and whether that piece of food is going to satisfy my hunger or whether the hunger is an emotional one. 9 out of 10 times it's the emotional hunger that drives me to eat!

I wish I could be one of those naturally thin people who are in control of their eating and aren't even aware of the carefree relationship they have with food; but I know due to my genetics, upbringing, hangups and other issues that will never be the case. Best to face it head on, maybe one day the 'am I really hungry' question will come automatically and I will be able to not think about every bite I put in my mouth... For now I just try my best!
Well done on resisting the urge to eat! You should feel extremely proud of your self!
I'm sure that if you up the amount of water you drink the weight will shift! I always found that the more I drink the more I shrink!
Keep it up Debbie, you are doing great!
))))))) debbie............and a HUGE pat on the back for resisting the urge to eat WOW just shows how far you've come on this journey :)

I really do understand how you felt on those scales - the first time my loss was only 1lb I was gutted - and yes I knew in reality I had to be burning fat, but that didn't help at that moment !!!! I always think times like this are little 'tests' on the journey and boy did you pass with flying colours

Not sure if we'll ever completely retrain our thoughts - after all we've spent years acquiring all our old bad habits so I guess we can't really expect to lose them all overnight. Really is 'one step at a time' so I like to think I'm a work in progress :D
{{{{{{{{Debbie}}}}}}}} Hunny, I know how you feel. I have been there and had weeks where there's been no loss but I think you've hit the nail on the head - it's the water!

Make yourself drink a bit more this week to flush out all those toxins and I'll bet you'll have an amazing loss next week :D

REALLY well done for staying away from the fridge though hunny - what willpower! xxxxxx
Debbie, it is time to revisit your chart. Look at how that loss line is going, you are still ahead of the game aren't you? Next week will make up for this week. You are doing so incredibily well, don't falter, you are my main inspiration! Well done on resisting that naughty old fridge, you don't need it and you have damn well proved it. Love from your very proud Wemitt friend,
BIG HUG! You done so well, I am absolutely dreading the day I STS! I know for a fact i would struggle terribly, so well done for resisiting. Hopefully an extra loss next week will make up for it.
Well I think you might know what I am going to post in response to this but I'll stick it down in black and white anyway :D

You KNOW that doing a VLCD is the fastest way for your body to lose fat.

You KNOW that you have stuck to it like glue and that the only other thing you ingest is water so it MUST be water retention.

You KNOW that once the need for your body to retain water has gone you are heading for a higher than usual loss to make up for this week.

You KNOW that losing the weight is just the first step on the journey. What you have learnt by not turning to food is a lesson far more precious than the loss of a few lbs that you will lose next week anyway. The lesson will remain a part of you long after the disappointment of this weeks weigh in has been buried in time. ;)

Hang on in there and you know where I am if you need me :)