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On My Way

Hi All

I'm still working my way around Minimins and have only just found the Weight Loss Diary forum. Doh!:eek: The whole site is great, but these have kept me out of the kitchen all night (well these and the arcade!).

Weigh In tomorrow morning. I'll be satisfied (not happy, but satisfied) if I've STS given the fact that today is the first day in a week that I've actually stuck to the programme. I'm supposed to be doing SS+ on CD, but have been eating chocolate biscuits every night PLUS had two meals out, both with chips.

But today I've hung in there. I did a personal best on my walk/run routine this morning - 3.56 miles in 44 minutes!! And my Nike+ said I'd used 444 calories. I wonder if that means I've used up half the calories I've taken in today? Let's hope so.

Off to bed now as I need to do the walk tomorrow before the parents visit.

Only my children know that I'm doing CD. I've not told anyone else (well, apart from my CDC of course!). I don't think I'm ready to cope with all the tutting and disapproval yet. This is for me. This is my secret. Sod them all. A couple of people have noticed something I'm sure, which is what led to one of the meals and encouragement to eat badly, very badly. Luckily I felt quite nauseus half way through and couldn't eat any more. Deliberate sabotage? Possibly. Must be better prepared in future.

I'm not sure what has changed today, but something has and I really hope that, to quote Professor Higgins, "I think she's got it!!"

Two years ago I got within a stone of my goal and I felt fabulous. Clothes looked great, my confidence increased, my energy levels were high and I loved wearing whatever I wanted to. I used to lie in bed in the mornings, feeling my hip bones. It was great. Want to get back to that.

So, here's to weigh in tomorrow. And a better week this week!!
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Hi Annie! Thank you! WI shows 1lb off. Which makes me smile because I've had such a bad week, but also sad - just think how much nearer goal I'd be if I hadn't cheated myself .................. Still, here's to a new week.

Did my walk/run this morning and managed a few extre metres of running. Every little helps. It was a beautiful morning - crisp and clear, no wind. The sun was shining and there's snow on all the fields. The sort of day that makes you glad to be alive and able to be out there, appreciating how incredible it all is. Blue skies with little puffs of cloud floating across - I just couldn't help singing along with my iPod although only when I had the breath and only when there was absolutely no chance of anyone hearing!!! However I feel later, that was just the best start to the day. Came back to a lovely big cup (and I mean BIG) of Toffee and Walnut flavour shake, made with warm water and two teaspoons of decaf coffee. I sat in the dining room with the sun streaming through the window, warm and cosy and pretending I was in some trendy cafe having a latte! lol Warm, comfortable, having a nice drink and feeling the ache in my legs from exercise - doesn't get much better than that! Have a great day everyone!
Almost a week on. Very, very bad week. Have not stayed with the diet - ok all day, rubbish every night. Very tired, very poorly, in pain, not sleeping. Ate stuff I'm not supposed to. It has to stop now or my expensive holiday is going to be ruined. I cannot, just cannot get THIS body out, I've got to get back to the one that's hiding inside! Been a good day today - here's to having another one tomorrow.
Hi Jules - your CD situation sounds pretty similar to mine - i started last week at 12.4 and want to get to 9.7, and I'm on SS+ (4 shakes plus milk). I've made it through the first week completely sole source, but totally taking it one day at a time. Are you a returner or a first timer? I know SS can be much harder second time around.

I've not done any exercise at all (except a bit of necessary walking anyway) this week - I think it's so hard to exercise seriously when your calorie intake is so low...do you reckon maybe 790 might be better for you? That way you could eat some proper food after your run, and you'd be burning off the extra couple of hundred cals anyway with all that running!

Keep the faith! X
Day 29 Hello Cass, thanks for posting! We do seem to be pretty similiar - although reading your diary I think you are a lot younger and funnier than me!!!! lol I'm just under 5'3" and will be 51 at the end of the month. Managed to get my head in the right place and had a good weekend in that I stuck to the plan of SS+, having 3 shakes, one bar and skimmed milk .......... and nothing else! Didn't do any exercise all last week but walked the 2 miles into town and back on Saturday. I'm on my own although my two grown-up children still live with me. Having said that, one of them is away at University and the other goes on holiday tomorrow. That means a whole week of no temptation around the house so I'm looking forward to good if not great progress towards my ideal weight.

Even with the bad week last week, WI showed another pound of fat had been jettisoned, hurrah! And my waist is 2 whole inches smaller than when I started. Wore my new brown suit to work today and the trousers don't pinch my waist like they did before and are actually loose around the bum. This thing actually works when you do it!

Keeping it a secret can be challenging sometimes, but it is a whole lot easier to keep it that way rather than going into lengthy discussions about dieting. People always have something to say, a comment to make, their own point of view about dieting to get across. And it always seems to be the exact opposite of whatever I'm doing. I've done the Juicemaster 7lbs in 7 days - and my goodness how much flack did I get for that? This time the only place I talk about it is here, on the life-saving Minimins! Thanks everyone for sharing your stories - whenever I need support, this is where I'll be! Have a good week all.
I can't believe it! Just spent ages doing a post, then found I'd been logged out and lost the lot! How irritating is that!
Day 31 I've just got almost 4,000 on Scrabble Blast, so proud of myself. Then it said it wouldn't save my score because I'd lost my log in. This is driving me crazy! It happened twice yesterday, once with the post here and once with a 2,000+ score on the Scrabble. But to get such a monumental score (for me!!!!) and not have it saved is just gutting. It kept me from eating for over an hour too!

Anyway, 11st 2lb this morning. That's a pound a day for the last 3 days. VERY tempted to eat something earlier, but keep holding onto the thought that if I don't, I could get into the 10s early next week! And if I stay on it religiously for the rest of this month, I could quite easily be under 10 and a half stone. How great would that be? That would give me almost 2 months to lose another stone! And that seems do-able.

Another good thing, very little grocery shopping to do! Need to get a small birthday cake for my boy (just for him) and a welcome home meal. But other than that, just a few bits. Should all fit in my shopping trolley tomorrow - I'm hoping to walk into town (and praying that it stays dry!)

I was going to do some work this evening, but it hasn't happened - again. Really must get my uni stuff sent tho!
Day 32 11st 2lbs again. A little disappointed given the pound a day that's been showing, but better than last week so staying positive. Just been freaked out by an email from someone I've never heard of asking me to ring them. It looked as though they had got my email from Facebook, but when I looked at my profile I couldn't see how. Creepy. I just deleted it then emptied the Deleted items folder to be sure! Need to get on with cleaning and work and everything, but the lure of Scrabble Blast has got me first. Just one game....................

Didn't drink enough yesterday and I always find it hard at the weekends so there's something to concentrate on. Whilst I do the cleaning!
Day 38 Bad week. Ate so much chocolate on Tuesday I thought I would vomit. Not had one clear day of dieting. It all started last Saturday when I was really angry with my brother and, although I was hanging on all day, I finally gave in to the carb monster in the evening. And once I started I couldn't stop. And it's carried on every day since. Wednesday and Thursday were not too bad during the day, but not good at all in the evening. Today I had 2 diets then 2 packets of mixed nuts. Had a home-made curry, rice and an ice cream this evening. Feel nicely satisfied at the moment which I'm glad about - at least the empty feeling isn't there. I've got two weeks away from work now - and I'm really very worried because I've got an extremely difficult project to do. In the past, tackling something this difficult has meant lots of cigaretts and carbs topped off each evening with alcohol. I don't smoke any more, am not supposed to be eating carbs so I'm genuinely scared about the weeks to come.

I'm very tired this evening - it's been a hard week. I'm off for a bit of relaxation then I'm going to bed. Start again tomorrow.
Day 39 It has been a really lovely warm and sunny day. I spent most of it in the garden, mowing, digging, trimming and generally tidying it all up. Looking better, but I need to get some plants for the pots and a lot more gravel! I don't know if I'm coming down with something nasty, but I've been crying a lot today. I had to go to sleep between 4 and 5, I had that pain in my head which won't let me do anything until I've slept. Luckily, managed to get up about an hour ago - sometimes I can't move for six or seven hours.

Had my diets for breakfast and lunch. Then ate half a box of choc cereal, two slices of bread and butter and a whole lemon tart. I still feel sick.

Got loads of washing done and dry thanks to the weather. That means lots of hours ironing tomorrow. Not decided what to do about shopping yet. Must give it some thought later.

What I must do is get my head back to that place that lets me stick to the plan. I have to get rid of this extra fat. And I have to do it in 8 weeks. That's at least 3 and a half pounds a week. No room for slips at all now.
Yet another bad week. Don't think I've gained too much, but disappointed in not being able to focus on what I need to do. And the ante has been upped to 4lbs a week. Probably doable, but only just!