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on off on off on off....


going to do it!!!!
ive been on off everydiet going for the past year and guess what im the same weight as i was at the beginning of the year!!!
the little black dress that i pictured myself in for the xmas party is still the same size as last years!!
i have just been intouch with a local cdc and hope to start again asap!!!
i want to lose a stone for xmas and hope i can but i think im going do ss plus the 4 meal pack plus skimmed milk version.
is this possible my weight at the minute is 13 stone 10 would love to get that down to 12st 10 for xmas!!

heres to my final restart on the cd and this time i hope its going be my final restart !!

im going keep a little diary on here to track my progress!!

Jo xx
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going to do it!!!!
well cdc just been in touch and i can start wednesday night so thats my offical weigh in so i guess ill be starting thursday although i have some packs left so may start tomorrow so by wed ill have 2 days under my belt...decisions decisions:confused:
think ill wait until the morning before i decide, im excited to start...
Heeellllooooo Jo welcome back im starting back on Friday too.! here to loose my final 10 lbs really will be doing SS+. So heres to seing the weight loss again.!

keep in touch. x
Hi josiejo, ive followed you across lol. I started again today and like you would like a stone for christmas. After I made the decision I jumped on the wagon the next day (before I ate any more junk.)
Did you start today or are you going to wait?


going to do it!!!!
ive started today

well i went for weigh in last night...just what i thought 13 st 10 so ive started today.
ive already had a porridge and just had a soup for lunch i could eat my arm though im so hungry but im going stick with it i have to this time.
im sitting here kicking myself for wasting the past year dieting then binging then dieting , why have i put myself through all that to be here back at the beginning again!!!!!
i have to just keep thinking of my goal and just stick with it. we going away next weekend to centerparcs, a big family get together, and i want to be at least 10lb lighter before i go which i know is do able if i stick with it.
i forgot to ask cdc if when on ss plus you can have 4 cd meals plus milk ? or is it 3 plus your milk allowance? im going keep off the other ssplus with the meal though as i dont think i could trust myself not to eat too much!!
anyway thats where i am at the minute 2 cd meals down and either 1 or 2 to go before bedtime ( wish i could sleep for the next few days until ketosis has set i lol ).
hope everyone else doing good today
miss jt good to see you on here and good luck to you,
Jo xx


going to do it!!!!
thanks guys for all you support, i feel like im going be ok this time round and hopefully have a good loss next wed night . will keep posting on here .
happy thursday to you all xx


going to do it!!!!
day 2

hi everyone,
well i got through day one without any problems and feel so proud of myself!!

ive already been on the scales, havnt been on them for ages funny that isnt it how when you doing cd you on the scales constantly(well i am ) but when you not dieting you just want to hide them in the back of the bathroom cupboard and hate them lol!!

anyway according to my scales ive already lost a bit weight and thats the part of this diet that does make it worth the hard work.

id love to be in the 12 stones by xmas even 12 stone 13 1/2 lb would do me lol!!

so far today ive had my porridge and going have soup then a shake at teatime and if i need to ill have another one later on. i had 4 cd packs yesterday and i must admit i found it alot better than 3 which is what ive done in the past and i dont suppose there is that much different in the weight loss stakes.

hope everyone ok and have a 100% day .

Jo xx
Morning Jo well done on yesterday. Im a CD scale hopper too, if I can see the weight coming off, Im more motivated. Then again I had a wobble yesterday which I managed to salvage...just.
Hope you have a good day today
Good luck Josiejo. Here's to you being a skinny minnie at Centre Parks :)


going to do it!!!!
day 4

well its day 4 now for ne and i had been fine until today had a bit of a bad day but before i turned it into a total blowout/binge i had a word with myself about how much i wanted this and ive just drank loads of water and i mean loads!!
ive put the xmas tree and decorations up today (i know a bit early and would normally do it next weekend but as im in centerparcs...) and i feel dead xmassy but annoyed with myself for not doing something about my weight at the beginning of the year:( Nevermind though i could still be a stone lighter couldnt i??
the little black dress could be a smaller than if i hadnt started little black dress lol
well thats an update on my progress wi on wed night so hopefully down a few pounds anything over 7 ill be happy with or is that being too optimistic???
hope everyone else doing well,
Jo x


going to do it!!!!
day 5

day 5 and after yesterdays little blip i feel back in control. had my porridge to which i added a little nutmeg and i sware it tasted like ricepudding it was lovely lol:)
im 2 litres of water down already i dont know what it is but the more i drink the more thirsty i am. my mouth is so dry at the min.
hope everyone having good days. i think im going chance a bar later as ive some left from my last restart.
i weighed myself this morning and by my scales im 13stone 2 1/2lb so thats 7 1/2lb down already and my weigh in not til wed night hope i can do more by then !!
Jo x


going to do it!!!!
day 6

day 6 and have done ok up until about an hour ago, twins being really really naughty and because i was so stressed with them i went into the kitchen and before i knew it id eaten 2 packets crisps and god knows how many biscuits!!!!!! im gutted now bet i put on loads because of it:cry:
twins are so lovely but they get me so stressed sometimes and my response is to eat, mindlessly:(
nevermind though im going drink loads of water and just pray all night that i lose something lol.
hope everyone else doing well.

It's okay -- do not beat yourself up over it. You can't change the past, but you can shape the future. Get back on and stick to the plan, drink your water, and try to add some exercise to your WL program. Not too strenuous -- just a bit to burn off some extra calories.

Next time the twins stress you out -- try a bath, going on this site, turning on mindless tele... anything but eating, as that will just stress you out more.



going to do it!!!!
1st week weigh in

what can i say for doing ss+for a week and having 2 little setbacks i still managed to drop...9lbs!!!!:happy036:
im over the moon i thought i would only lose that amount doing ss but im so pleased cos i think i can manage better doing ss+ . Im over the moon!!!
Congrats -- that is so awesome. Over 1/2 a stone gone. Whooha! That must be soooooo motivating.


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