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Cruise PP on or off the wagon??

So I previously have asked about the 'sugar craving' thing and have been trying hard to action that. I've put the sweetner away, stocked up on biltong and other snacking protein which is working. I'm still craving sugar but def better than before.

However despite all efforts (rubarb, bran, extra water, fibrecon...nasty drink from doctor) I hadn't had any transition in 8 day...yup it felt horrible!!! So last night I had an All bran binge and this morning a branflake breakfast. It has had the desired effect but now I'm wondering if I should always had All Bran to my day, I know it's not in the book, but I feel soooo bunged up if I don't.

Any help gratefully received. xx
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I would try having it every few days and see how it affects the loss first before adding it to the diet..
I know how painful it can be, I always had problems and whenever I went on a diet it always got worse.. After attack I suffered a bit, but now everything is working how it is supposed to be without adding anything..
A strong coffee is the best solution for me, but I mean strong! Like Turkish or Arabic coffee..
Whatever works, I hope you find a solution without slowing your loss down.. :)


** Chief WITCH **
All bran and bran flakes are not appropriate for a low carb diet.

You really oughtn't have left things eight days! It is, after all, a subject we talk about here very often. There are many Dukan solutions, some work for some, others for others. After three days, I'd take a Dulcolax or something, having tried all the other remedies.

I'd advise you pass onto Conso. Your BMI is perfect. You might lose a little more weight even, but your health is at risk if you continue like this.
Hi Cherry - seconding Joanne's advice; you are at your goal weight, and by eating the branflakes will have slowed or stopped ketosis.

Go on to conso: by adding wholemeal bread and 6 days pv you will continuing the diet, and getting the fibre you need.
I'd advise you pass onto Conso. Your BMI is perfect. You might lose a little more weight even, but your health is at risk if you continue like this.
I think that's really good advice and definitely worth heeding. Your BMI is perfect and your general health really needs to take priority now. Congrats on the fabby weight loss and enjoy conso :)
Thanks ladies, I really wanted to try and lose another 5ib to get to my true Dukan weight, but I think you are all right ( you wise women!!) I think doing conso is better than randomly trying to sort myself out...you never know I might even lose a few lb in conso???? Did anyone else continue to lose at all in conso or have you purely maintained?
Hope you all have a fun Friday xxx


** Chief WITCH **
I usually gain weight on Conso... and if I'm telling you that, it's to ensure that you follow the programme to the letter ;) (something I seem incapable of doing!) ;)
Ah, thanks Maintainer, yup that's what I need, either I follow it to the letter or throw the whole darn thing out the window so conso to the letter it is. thanks again girls, feel happier with a workable plan x

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