On the cambridge i have so much will power


Need help
I am really proud of myself today :D as i faced my favourite foods today and handled them but i didnt want any of them. I work in a shop that has a very large and tasty range of sweets, flapjacks and biscuits all kinds. We were short staff today and i volunteered, yes i volunteered to put the stock out. I wasn't tempted at all and i felt a different person as i was in so much control. Before the diet i used to eat the stock as i was putting it out.(anyone been there before)
Anyone struggling out there on there first week, let me tell you it does get easier as time goes on. If i can do it so can you. And to finish the day off i managed to get into a pair of jeans size 32" waist. It was 9 years ago when i was that size.:) Thanks cambridge

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Well done Nick. It's incredible how it can work isn't it.

Reckon they put a magic ingredient in there. If your heads in the right place, the magic ingredient comes to life :)


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S: 18st3lb
Your a Star!!!!

Well done Nick:D :D :D

That is fantastic!!!

It is god to hear stories like this....shows it can be done:D

Love Mini xxx