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on the edge ....


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omg why tonight an i craving chocolate like never before! I am prepared to ruin my 2 weeks of starvin for 1, 2, 3 bars of choc - it is deffo a disease! I've craved since 7pm, so wat did i do? I've cum to bed feelin sorry for my self an depressed. Hopefully i'll b my happy self in th morning again fingers crossed x x
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ah hun. well done for resisting. i must admit i crave chocolate quite alot and have been known to taste it, chew it then spit it out. i know im awful lol.
why not have a choc shake with less water. should ease ur cravings.
good luck sticking to it hun. chocolate will still be there when ur skinny.

x x
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oh hun i was like dat everyday last week it was dreadful coz i havnt craved anything like dat for the last ten weeks. i was putting away all the shopping on sat and the container of choc mint ice cream my dad bought had split so i had to put it into another container i was less than a cm away from putting the spoon in my mouth. i flung the spoon and the empty container in the sink and filled it wit water so i cudnt have it.

then i cut up raw meat to take my mind off the choc haha! i guess we need to experience these tings coz like it or not wen we are maintaining its gonna be much harder to resist all the yummies.

Well done for resisting and i do wat jenny said have my choc shake and walk away from the lovely chocolate.


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S: 16st0lb C: 15st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st13lb(5.8%)
i did it

i stayed in bed an went cold turkey for choc lol. I am so relieved i didn't cave in last nite and didn't ruin all my hard work. Thanks for your words of encouragement girls. I can an i will succeed!
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Well done on not giving into temptation Betty! That's the best thing to do - Take yourself to bed if you feel tempted!

You're so right - You can and will succeed! Remember you don't NEED chocolate, you may WANT it, but you definitely don't NEED it. Big difference in 'want' and 'need' Everything you need is in your yummy LT shakes!


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Well done for not giving in, I tell myself that if I eat this I will stay fat cos I will have failed the diet or If I dont eat it I'm gonna get slim once and for all. So far Its worked for me but I know how hard it is. I'm craving bread more than chocolate and when I go shopping I can smell the fresh bread cooking, omg I'v got to stop thinking about it right now!!!! xxx
S: 15st0lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st8lb BMI: 28 Loss: 2st3lb(14.76%)
Hi hope you are ok. I was also craving chocolate yesterday (thanks to totm) and managed to resist despite my sister-in-law shoving chocolate fudge cake in my face. She is stick thin and always tries to make me feel crap about myself with little comments. She does not like that i have started getting more attention and am starting to stick up for myself. I just thought about wiping the smug grin off her face lol

Well done for resisting. It is not easy but so worth it and the high we get from being slim will last much longer than a quick chocolate fix x


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Good on ya for not giving in to the evil chocolate gremlins, I bet you are feeling proud of yourself. Hope the cravings have settled, hang in there and they will pass.

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