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on the verge of caving... help!

I am having my 1st really weak moment.... im having thoughts of a tuna and mayo sandwich running through my head .... can someone please tell me this is the worst idea in the world and talk me out of it.... :cry::break_diet::cry::break_diet::cry::break_diet:
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please try again
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you dont want it, just ur mind playing tricks
what you really want is those skinny jeans youve got in mind for when you reach goal :)
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hi there, i hope you dont mind me replying to your post. im actually on LT at the mo but i thought i would tell you DONT DO IT!!! i have caved and cheated and believe me it is the worst thing you could do. as soon as you do it once you want to do it again. :( you then have to go through 3 days of hunger before you are in ketosis again :( be strong and dont give in, tasha xxx
you don't want it. you don't need it. it will be gone in seconds and all that will be left are feelings of guilt and you tormenting yourself and beating yourself up about it. think about the advantages of NOT eating it. think about how chuffed and smug you'll feel when you have resisted and then think about how sh*tty you'll feel if you give into your cravings. it isn't hunger. it's your brain betraying you!!

sit on your hands. go in the bath. go to bed. go anywhere where you can't get at the food!! keep typing on here. you know what they say about idle thumbs? you make tuna sandwiches with them!!

stay strong babes. you can do it!!

abz xx


Creating my life
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We've got practically the same start weight. Neither of us need that sandwich. You can do it. Just say no! (Is it just me that has Zammo singing that in my head now?)


Peace Love Happiness
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You can resist. I have a little book of meditations and wise sayings it has one that says 'learn to not want what you want' I'm not there yet, but I think it's a good idea. :D
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dont do it, it seems that everyone craves tuna not one i have had personally cheese is my craving and just dont buy it anymore x


Must do it this time
S: 19st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 5st9lb(28.73%)
omg look at your losses for 2 weeks thats amazing hun it really is.dont blow all your hard work for a few minutes of "pleasure" but a whole lot of guilt afterwards its really not worth it,be strong and as i always say "NOTHING TASTES BETTER THAN BEING SLIM FEELS"
please dont,
wow, thanks guys.... this is why i just love this site! The support is unreal. many thanks for all the posts, i think the craving is subsiding... :) although im now thinking of a cheese sandwich that wannabeskinny mentioned it lol.... but i will resist that too!

i have had my 2nd weigh in today and only lost 5lbs .... i realise how stupid that sounds cos its 5lbs and shouldnt be grumbled at, but i have alot of weight to lose and i guess i just expected it to come off quicker.... im impatient lol.

thanks again peeps xx


Must do it this time
S: 19st9lb C: 14st0lb G: 12st11lb BMI: 32.6 Loss: 5st9lb(28.73%)
5lbs is fab hun,have you ever seen the pic on here of 1lb of fat,it looks alot more than you think,so be proud of yourself.glad to hear the craving is passing,just glug that water and tomorrow you will be soooo glad you resisted!!!
elaine x
5lb is fabulous, honestly. I know it feels like you want a stone a week! I have more to lose than you so definitely feel your frustration, but we are doing the right thing now! And just think, if you give in to that sandwich, you won't be losing anything - how would you feel then. Just look at your username and focus on that - You can do it xx


Wants to shed pounds more
Well done for resisting. Sometimes we all get that craving (well, not necessarily tuna, but boy have we been there). You can do it :)
no i havent seen the lb of fat... where is this? would be interesting to see...

you're all bleeding wonderful :).... and your right, i need to keep it in my sights why im doing this .... mainly so my ex bf will keel over when he sees me in a few months.... will teach him to dump me lol lol x
ha. that it will. i have noticed that cd makes us all weight loss greedy. can you imagine losing over a stone in a fortnight on any other diet? listen to those words. OVER A STONE. in 14 DAYS. that is a lb a day!! the average for cambridge is a stone a month. 3 lbs a week. and you're smashing that so far!! and another thought for you. that means if you only lose on average and not faster, which you probably will, you'll be skinny by summer. by the SUMMER!! sorry. i know i keep shouting but it's really easy sometimes to forget what we've achieved!! i am annoyed because i haven't quite made the two stone mark yet, but when i think about the problems i went though, and that i've been on holiday, losing two stones in three months isn't half bad. especially since i'm not sole sourcing!!

keep it up babes. you'll get there :D

abz xx
yeah i have to agree with dani*r, 2 stone is great abz, especially since you have been on holiday too. Im going to new york on 28th nov.... possibly the worst place in the world when your trying to lose weight! OMG, i'll prob come back 4 stone heavier than i started lol.

Thanks for bringing me back down to earth on the weight loss Abz, your right, no other diet would have this result!

no worries :) it's really easy to forget. there's a post kicking around about not living by the scales. give it a read. it's really good :D kd posted it i think :)

abz xx

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