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On what does day it become easier?

I'm sure you're all sick to death of my whining - sorry!

One thing I do promise is that if I decide not to continue with this diet - I won't start a thread saying how much I hate LipoTrim and how it should be banned! Unlike some people! Heh!

I'm about 16 stone and want to get down to 12/13 stone. I've failed on other diets. My BMI is about 32.

I'm on day three. Day one and two were pretty awful. Today is as bad. Day one - I was *staaaarrrving* and felt a rough. Day two - diahorrea and hunger. Last night - start of day two - I was actually *in pain* I was so hungry.

I don't think I've ever felt real, true hunger pain before. It was terrible. I also had headaches.

I ended up taking a sleeping pill at about 4am and slept until about 1pm today. Thank goodness I'm off work this week!

Today, I feel weak. My arms are aching. I have cramps and stomach ache. I know people say drink more water but I have had 4 litres every day so far. Should I up it to six? Even though I'm weeing so much?!

Urgh. Sorry for being such a moaner - but this really is tough!

I have so much respect for you guys that have got through this because I really believe I'm on the verge of giving up.

I guess my question is this. How come it is not as hard for some people? What am I doing differently to them?

Also, on what day did it become easier for you? For some people - they say day three, four and five. Some seem to have problems for a couple of weeks.

Again, sorry to whine so much - I really appreciate your help!

Ooh sorry - another question - my Pharmacist has given me the female lipotrim - 3 shakes per day - as they didn't have any male lipotrim. Is that ok?
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hey hun, give it another couple of days and you will start to feel so much better. after your first weigh in you will realise the loss makes it so worth while what you have been through in your first week. after week 1 it is ALOT easier - you don't feel that hunger and the shakes etc went for me too. You just have to use your willpower to get through the first week and then you will be fine. stay strong hun and remember that everyone is here for you on the forum - and we don't mind your whining. it makes a change from us women doing it! lol

keep smiling and remember why you started this diet in the first place. i'm on week 8 and the time has flown by - i have to force myself to have my shakes now because i never get hungry.

Good luck! xx
it does get easier promise you it really does. Week 2 i wasn't hungry i had to force the shakes down me but then i went and blew it by cheating so had to start all over again. I'm back on track now i'm not hungry i'm tempted to eat but i tell myself no i dont want to eat. I think i would have given up by now if it hadn't have been for the lovely people on this forum. I bet at your first weigh in you will have a brighter view on things it will make up for all the crap you had to go through on the first week. I'm on week 4 now and it seems like only yesterday when i started it really does go quick. Before you know it you'l be on week 4 and giving a newbie advice.
Stay strong and stick with it x
Week 2 i wasn't hungry i had to force the shakes down me but then i went and blew it by cheating so had to start all over again.
But did you still loose weight? Even though you cheated?

If so, it's tempting!
Vicky -

i'm on week 8 and the time has flown by - i have to force myself to have my shakes now because i never get hungry.
Gosh! I hope I can get to that stage. Even though they give me stomach ache - I'm counting the minutes until I can have my next shake in the hope that it fills me up a bit. It doesn't!
only 2lbs it was a big smack in the face after losing 14lbs the week before. Honestly its not worth cheating you have to go through the first week of crap all over again
yes it is hard but stick with it, couple more days max and u should be in ketosis and feeling much better
Fingers crossed!

I think I might nip to boots and see if they have any of those stick things that you wee on!
Try halving your shakes so you have 6 a day instead of 3. I have 6 a day now and each shake i add 250ml of water and a sweetner it helps with the hunger pangs
Fingers crossed!

I think I might nip to boots and see if they have any of those stick things that you wee on!
i got mine from boots i couldn't find them in the store so i asked at the pharmacy part and they had them


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it does get easier the 1st week is usually the worse, im sure Scaz has female shakes(if its not him it is another guy on here) and dont think its doing him any harm, stick in there hun
But did you still loose weight? Even though you cheated?

If so, it's tempting!

Oy !!! mancy.... stop being such a whinge bag - whats your street - I'm going to come over there and beat you !!!:D

Listen... you knew this wasn;t going to be easy - Men have it easier than women cause they lose quicker and more consitantly and do not have hormonal imbalances - are you single ?? if so, you're not even having to cook for others - Take this week off work as your settling in period - as everyone is different I can;t say when you'll feel better BUT what I do know is that it will come ... soon - your mind and body are absolutely kicking you ass right know - imagine a drug addit or alcoholic coming off their addiction - it's tough

  • keep busy
  • keep drinking the water
  • split your shakes so you don't feel hungry
  • Try the soup next week -something walm helps you feel like you've had a meal
  • Try the flapjacks (aquired taste) this will give you crunchy variety
  • Come on here if you feel tempted
  • Don't even think of cheating or i'll send the boys round for ruining their rep !!
Good luck - please stick with it - you won't be sorry when you drop 3 stones and have all the lasses chasing yah !!:D


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do you not need to have 4 womens LT. get it checked out
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Right in there with you on this one David! My stats and goal are pretty identical to yours. My first few days LT experience are the same as yours. All the other posters are right though, it does get easier once in ketosis, prob day 4. I am 11-days in now, and still crave food like crazy, but not through feeling hungry, just through wanting something I cant have! There is good advice in telling you to stick it to your first WI, it will be an incentive!

I'm not finding this easy by any stretch of imagination, without doubt the hardest thing I have ever done! But it will be worth it. Hang in the buddy!

I am on the "normal" male rations of 2 shakes a day, which is hard! I didn't raelise I could ask the chemist for 4 x lady portions instead of the 2 x male portions, maybe I will give that a go as well. Will have to be week 4 though, as week 3 has already been ordered.

My wife and kids have gone out for the day, so I am all alone with the gammon steaks in the fridge who are CALLING OUT to be grilled and eaten. Really struggling today not to give in. WI 2 in Monday morning, this weekend is going to be tough! Big up everyone of your loones who are showing such incredible results, I take my hat off to you big time!!!!


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Keep going mate stick it out it will get better & the results are awesome.:)

Start weight 18.00st
week1 8lb's lost
week2 5lb's lost
week3 6lb's lost
week4 4lb's lost
week5 5lb's lost
week6 6lb's lost
week7 5lb's lost
week8 3lb's lost (3 stones lost:):))
week9 5lb's lost (stopped smoking after 10yrs:):))
week10 3lb's lost
week11 4lb's lost
week12 4lb's lost
week13 3lb's lost
week14 5lb's lost
week15 5lb's lost

Yep I'm single - so I know I have it easier than most! I chucked out all my food (literally everything!) before I started so I have no food in the house. My cupboards are bare and have shakes in them only! Although I do have about 10 takeaways within a 10 minute walk from my house... hmm!

I'm going to stick with it. Eurgh.

I'm the best man in my brother's wedding at the end of September - I have 7 more weeks to get somewhere towards my goal. I'm not sure whether I'll refeed for a week and eat at the wedding (it's in Italy so involves a one week holiday too) - but for now all I can think of is getting through the next few days!

I'm not on 4 lady shakes a day - I'm on 3 - as would be a woman. I'm going to ask my Pharmacist about that again - maybe move up to 4 lady shakes a day. That would make me less hungry I think...

Thanks so much for all your posts! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! I don't want to give into the temptation of pizza!


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Drink loads and loads and LOADS of water. It will help, promise.
After you think you have drunk enough, have another one just to be sure
Trish x


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yeah i think you need 4 shakes too, may explain why it is so hard right now.

personally i went through sheer hell in week one, mostly hell for week 2, felt ok week three, tired in week 4, and now in week 5 i actually feel well!

I have lost 17lb so far - wi on monday so hoping for more :D

all said and done, i am glad i stuck it out, i feel quite detatched from food now, i love the smell, i'm looking forward to eating again, but i dont feel like cheating anymore.

today for example i was doing risk assessment training at work in the office (i am usually out and about) and was sat there with literally everyone eating sarnies and crisps etc... and i was not at all bothered, i had my flap jack, a litre of water, several black coffee's and the best of all, loose trousers hanging off me (they barely fit 2 weeks ago!)

yes, it can be hell, but it is worth it, just take it a day at a time. take a look at the inspirations slide show on the blue bar at the top of this page, look at fattothin's piccies, he just stuck it out and got on with it, and yes he felt it hard at times i am sure. you can get the same results, just be stubborn with your cravings and tell them 'no'.

good luck and let us know how you are feeling later.


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