Once and for all!!


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Good luck! I thought to maintain a healthy body you had to eat 1200 cals a day. But I could be wrong. You've done this before and seem to know what you're doing.


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Thankyou :) i normally start on 1200, but never seem to lose so i lowered it to 1000. I find im not hungry because i eat quite alot of low cal foods.

Yesterdays food was:

B: ww sausages, 2 ww bread + tomato bread - 235
(woke up late so nothing for lunch)
D: stirfry, chicken + noodles: 484
S: ww hula hoops - 73
Activia: 88
= 880
A little low i know, but physically couldnt eat anymore! I also drank around 5 pints of water.

Todays plan is:
B: ww bread + ww jam -125
L: salad with ww tuna in coronation chicken + a little liw cal salad cream - 131
Ww hula hoops - 73
Activia with raisins - 126
D: carbonara - 399
= 854

I work in a nursery so going to take a small snack in incase i get a little hungry.

I will repost later and let you know how i got on, fingers crossed!


S: 13st6lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(18.09%)
Well yesterday was good! :) ate a few too little calories, need to have quite a bit more today! Yesterdays total calories were 792.

Plan for today is;
B: ww bread + ww jam - 125
L: salad, ww tuna and low cal ww tuna - 131
ww crackers - 74
ww hula hoops - 73
raisins - 38
D: jacket potato - 200
Quorn mince - 105
Bolognese sauce - 95
= 840
Gonna try get in at least another 100 somewhere too.

Quick question, im a member at an all womens gym. Im not sure what to do... Restart now or wait till i get to around 10 stone and then begin toning up etc? :/


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Start the gym now and increase your protein and calories as it will help you lose weight and tone your body and increase your fitness level.

Protein will help to tone and repair your body as you go, your skin will thank you for it. Protein will also keep your hunger at bay for longer...so try and have some protein in the morning to keep you going.


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Good luck! Also, try and eat your full 1000 calories at least. I think eating 800 or so only a lot should only be done under doctors supervision cos it's very hard to get all the nutrition you need. So just be careful. I know I got very low iron and was passing out and all sorts lol.


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Had a better day yesterday, ate more cals. Yesterdays calories were 998. Woohoo. Ive got a meeting till 8.15 tonight, so wont be eating till late :/
Anyways todays plan is;
B- alpen golden syrup with skimmed milk- 179

L- ww tomato soup + 2 slices of ww bread- 176
ww cheese puffs- 80
raisins- 38

D- chilli con carne with quorn steak- 300
Cauliflower rice- 50

S- activia- 88

Im taking a cereal bar to work too, so should be a tiny bit under 1000.


S: 13st6lb C: 11st0lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 2st6lb(18.09%)
Yesterday was again a good day! Calories in at 996.

Today ive had;
B: alpen original and skimmed milk- 145
L: ww tomato soup- 76
Ww bread-100
ww cheese puffs- 80
raisins- 38

Plan for tea is quiche, new potatoes and salad.. Just waiting for tesco to deliver!:)

Hope everyones had a good day, friday tomorrow WOOHOO!:D lol x