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Once It's Gone.. It's Gone! Forever! - Anella's Diary :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by minxie_minx, 21 July 2013 Social URL.

  1. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    So I've decided to start a diary, little late beginning as I'm already 12 weeks into my Slimming world journey! My journey began because I was sick of always being in the 12's (12 stone something) category & eventually I creeped up to 12st 13lbs, which for a 5'7 frame is not great. I have dieted in the past (The Dukan Diet) which you may have heard about - I ended up dropping 2st quickly - but I wasn't doing it right & I wasn't very well health-wise whilst on this diet. I lost my father in 2010 to cancer & it set me off (eating) again! I started eating a lot & to make myself feel 'better' about the amount of junk I was eating, I began to use sweetener in some things. A LOT of sweetener. To cut a LONG story short, I was diagnosed with Aspartame (Sweetener) Poisoning. You can read the full story here:


    I'm happily living with my other half Colin, who is also slimming with SW & he won't mind me saying that so far, he has lost an amazing 3st - we both joined on the 22nd April 2013. We have only had 2 gains between us - All mine & only half a pound each time! So we aren't doing too bad :) We do have a while to go yet though, my goal weight (the one I have set so far) is 10st exactly & Colins GW is 15st 7lbs & then we'll decide from there whether we want to set slightly lower targets.

    I am one of those people, where fully clothed - I carry my weight quite well. Even when I was nearly 13st, I had people telling me that I 'didn't NEED to lose any weight' & that I was fine as I was. It put me off joining SW for a while, as I thought people with more weight to lose would judge me! I wrote another post about people who were in the same boat as me here:


    This diary is just to keep me even more motivated than I am, as I'm getting closer to my target, the weight loss does seem to get a little harder, so hopefully this well help spur me on! Take a look at my stats & so on & if you are similar or fancy just saying hello - you are very welcome to!

    Thank You everyone for reading & good luck to you all as well! :)
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  3. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Just so everyone can see my weight loss so far (starting weight 12st 13lbs):

    Week 1 - Loss of 3lbs - 12st 10lbs.
    Week 2 - Loss of 0.5lbs - 12st 9.5lbs.
    Week 3 - Loss of 2.5lbs - 12st 7lbs.
    Week 5 - Loss of 3lbs - 12st 4lbs.
    Week 6 - Loss of 1.5lbs - 12st 2.5lbs.
    Week 7 - Loss of 1.5lbs - 12st 1lbs.
    Week 8 - Loss of 3lbs - 11st 12lbs.
    Week 9 - Gain of 0.5lbs - 11st 12.5lbs.
    Week 10 - Loss of 3.5lbs - 11st 9lbs.
    Week 11 - Loss of 3.5lbs - 11st 5.5lbs.
    Week 12 - Gain of 0.5lbs - 11st 6lbs.
    Week 13 - Loss of 2.5lbs - 11st 3.5lbs.

    A few people in my class comment on how well Colin and I have done, but I ALWAYS tell them that the number one thing I don't do is cheat too much. I know I'm a goody two shoes, but it's true. The way I see it you can either take one year out of your life and change it forever or spend forever trying to change it! I have spent years dieting on and off and never committing 100% to it. This time I am going to get back to my ultimate goal weight, once and for good! During the first few weeks, I cut out ALL treats. I was also only using around 6 to 7 syns a day! However in recent weeks I have started adding in the odd treat (more syns) I rarely go over 15 - but we have been going out for a couple of meals and having whatever we want but making sure we are back on plan the VERY next day!

    Just yesterday I was worrying about the weigh in. I weigh myself every day on the home scales & every other day on the Wii. During the last couple of weeks I'd hit a 'wall' and my weight was even going up a couple of pounds (last Sat - the 13th) I had leftover Chinese for breakfast (fried noodles with chicken from the night before, yum) & went out for a chicken tikka massala that night! I know, the shame, haha. It was because we'd switched weigh in day from a Thursday to a Sat, so I knew I had a whole week to try and get rid of it! Although we hosted a school disco on the Thursday last week & I gave in to a ... Hot Dog! Argh, haha. That's why I was worried about yesterdays weigh in - however I did come in with a loss of 2 and a half pounds (11st 3.5lbs)! Colin lost 3 and a half and got his 3 stone award!

    However, it was a morning weigh in.. our usual weigh in is on a Thursday evening at 7pm. Bit worried about this week, it will be hard! Yesterday, we also ended up going to a family BBQ I ended up having 2 x Hot Dogs with ketchup, 1 x pork chop, 3 x pink wafers & a cup of homemade Eton Mess, which was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I don't regret any of it! I also weighed myself this morning, dreading it and guess what.. the scales said 11st 2lbs. We did go swimming in the sea Friday night so maybe that helped but I am just waiting to see if the BBQ will catch up with me. Which is probably will.. sigh! Hope everyone else is doing great! Good luck this week everyone! :)
  4. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Scared about my weigh in tonight.

    Usually we go to the Thursday evening class, however last week we had to switch to a Sat, which was nice because we had ten days to binge a little and work it off :p
    However, we've only had 5 days to get some weight loss before tonight & there is ALWAYS a difference between morning and afternoon weight. Nervous to say the least!!
    This morning my scales (bathroom ones) said 11st 1 and a half.. however my Wii said 11st 2lbs, sigh. The plan for today is eating light foods and drinking lots of water & just crossing my fingers!! Colin the OH is okay, he came home at dinner time & he weighed what he did in SW on Sat with his shoes & work clothes on! Not fair!

    Ahh well, wish my luck :)
  5. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    I had my weigh in last night & I came in with a loss of 1 pound, which if I'm completely honest isn't amazing but considering I have lost that from Saturday - Thursday, it isn't bad at all! Plus I had THAT BBQ, where I ate quite a lot & had some chocolate when I came home :p

    So official weight is now: 11st 2 & a half pounds!

    I am now 11st 2 & a half (officially)! Last night was 'treat night' for Colin & I - btw, Colin lost a pound & a half which is amazing considering he ate a WHOLE lot more than I did! I ended up having some fried soft noodles with chicken from the take away last night & I also ordered some spring rolls which when I was in middle of eating, I realised it was my eyes being bigger than my (now smaller) belly, haha. I still stuffed though. There was 4 small ones.

    I didn't finish all my noodles so I've had the rest this morning for breakfast - they are quite dry noodles (gorgeous without the usual chow mein heavy sauce) & there is a lot of bean sprouts, onions and spring onions in there - so it FEELS healthy haha.. we'll see if it catches up with me I guess! I also had 2 x blocks of my Lindt bar (with a touch of sea salt) yum. This morning I stepped on the scales & expected the worst.. but they were kind to me. My wii said I was the same as yesterday & my kitchen scales showed 11st 1 and a half again. So yeah, we will see if those noodles etc catch up with me. I hope not, because I am SO close to getting into the 10's.. argh!

    We are possibly doing a car boot tomorrow (bright and - 5am - early)! If there is a burger van, which there always is I feel like I will be tempted. I'm also tempted to take my own healthy stuff.. but if I end up having the burger, well that's that. I WILL be good after that. I'm not one of these people who will have one thing & it will set me off.. I know if I have the burger - that will be the worst thing of the day! We'll see.. I'll probably weigh myself tomorrow morning & see if I can get away with it!

    We're in middle of moving house, getting my old family home fully renovated at the minute (new kitchen fitting later on today - super excited)! More details on that on my personal blog (link in my signature)! So I am super busy at the minute. It's great in one way because it stops the boredom picking but it can also be a bad thing because when I get home I do feel like just grabbing something easy! That's why I am ALWAYS stocked up with tins of Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese (3 syns a tin)! Handy for when you come in late :p
  6. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Doesn't look like anyone is reading this diary so far :sigh: but I'm going to keep it going, for me!
    Well, we ended up NOT having that car boot sale! We'll be doing it next week instead :)

    However. We did end up being a *little* naughty this weekend. I was being good on Friday, until Colin bought me home a white Magnum ice cream (but it was probably just over if not IN my syn allowance anyway). I never use up all my syns. On Sunday, we went for a 3 course chinese meal (well, mine was technically a 2 course with some prawn crackers on the side)! I ended up having:

    About 7 (or more)? Prawn Crackers
    1 x Chicken & Prawn Chow Mein
    1 x Honey Pecan Honey Pot (dessert with ice cream & super, super delicious)!
    1 x Coke (non diet, obviously) :rolleyes: I'd rather have full fat over that poison (aspartame) anyday!

    We also had a 99 ice cream (large) earlier that day & yes, with the flake :p On Sunday, we were good & my mum had grown some broccoli, cauliflower etc so I ended up making a Sunday Roast, which to be honest since starting SW, we haven't had. To be fair though we started at the end of April & the weather has been hot hot hot since so we've not really been in the mood for it. You know what, I really enjoyed it, we both did! It was a lovely change. The only syns were the gravy, some apple sauce & a small Yorkshire pudding each. I made my mash using Mr Mash with water (so it wasn't the nicest) but you know what, it was filling and the whole thing was yummy!

    The next day was weigh day... (As you all know, Colin & I only weigh ourselves on the Wii in the week now - no weekends). We still pop on the bathroom scales daily though! It was bad news for Colin.. he was plus 2 pounds so I was dreading it. I hopped on and I was.. exactly the same! My BMI stayed the same even (everyone with a Wii will get me)! I was shocked! Yesterday I was good as gold:

    Breakfast - Puffed wheat (like sugar puffs but NO sugar) - with a drizzle of honey & 1 x Danio cherry yoghurt.
    Snacks - Strawberries & Strawberry KoKo drink.
    Dinner - Jacket Potato with 1 x tin Tuna, sweetcorn, cucumber & extra light mayonnaise & 1 x Danio cherry yoghurt.
    Snacks - 1 x Crackerbread with lightest philadelphia. 1 x Hi-Fi Rocky Road bar.
    Tea - I still felt full after my Jacket Potato so I had a small tin (1.5 syns) of Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese.
    Treats - 2 x Mini BN biscuits and ONE square of Lindt with a touch of sea salt.

    I don't usually have treats such as the chocolate BN's and Lindt but yesterday my body was just craving a little chocolate! I'm blaming being near the time of the month!

    So this morning I hopped on the scales & feared the worst (because even though yesterday was healthy.. it felt like I'd eaten a lot.. I felt 'heavy' if you get me)?! But no, the scales on the Wii said I'd lost a POUND since yesterday, so on the Wii (which is usually more that the SW scales) I am 11 stone 1lb! Yay for getting under the annoying 11st 2lbs the Wii has been stuck on foreverrr. On the bathroom scales I was 11 stone 0 (& a half). Sigh. Still not in the 10's but SO SO close.

    Today I have my strawberries and speed foods at the ready & I am determined this Thursday at Weigh In to be at least 11st 1lb or UNDER. Last week I was 11st 2.5lbs. Come onnnn!!
  7. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Everyone has an off day, sometimes you just need that chinese and/or ice cream don't you! :) I always find the closer you get to that next stone the harder it is, i've been known to linger around x stone and 0.5lb for ages, i think it knows your desperate to get under that next stone!
  8. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Yes! I'm not helping myself really though :p - I think because I was SO strict during the first couple of months, hardly any syns, never any treats.. I'm only now having these mini blow-outs! To be honest though, some days when I feel like I'm being bad.. I really don't go over my syns because I am so used to ONLY having 5/6 syns a day anyway!

    I will be good now though.. except (haha) for Thursday night (when we have our treat)! Mother nature has also come along today so I'm craving a lot of chocolate and sugarrr, argh! Help me, I will be good though :)
  9. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    It's rare I have less than 14/15 syns a day, somedays i can do 7/8, usually when i'm at home, but most of the time its the full amount for me.

    I'm always craving sugar, sometimes i can beat it someones i can't, not as bad as i used to be though, most days i can live without my multipack of curly wurly and cream cake/ice cream of choice haha.
  10. Pebblesx

    Pebblesx Silver Member

    Hiya, I think it's a good thing that we crave a treat every now & then, shows we are normal! We would be lying if we said we didn't!
    I too have a very sweet tooth when I'm near my TOTM, for a few days before, during and about 3 days after, I usually get bloated so don't eat a whole lot, in fact on the odd day I have nothing at all because I feel so blergh! But I can sit and eat a dairy milk bar straight out the fridge all day long lol!

    Anyway, the fact that you have stuck to it for long just shows how committed you are and the fact that you are honest about your gains - well even better!
    I usually weight 3-4lbs heavier when I am due on (my doctor says its because we retain water and get bloated) so maybe that could be it?

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  11. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    I seem to be using a bit more these days - it was just when I first started I was a lot more strict to get those pounds off! Now, I'm much more relaxed & I even buy a few chocolates etc to have in the house & pinch two out of the bag as a treat. It's not that I didn't want to use them.. it's just that I never NEEDED them if you get me? Because I was eating so much healthy stuff that was free, when it came to using the syns I had literally NO room in my belly! However, because I have NO diet drinks & NO sweetener.. I use honey in my tea or drizzled on my cereal, so thanks to that - that's where most of my syns were (I say most, but like 5) lol - I am having more now though, like I said :)

    I actually noticed my weight loss increased when my syn intake went up! My consultant told me off for not using them all! Haha..

    I do find myself craving it a lot more during TOTM though, ugh! Like I said above, I'm starting to re-introduce myself to sweets/syns now that I'm reaching my goal weight.. I was VERY strict on myself during the first couple of months because I really, REALLY wanted the weight off! Now that I'm in my ideal weight (BMI-wise - still have a stone to go until target)! I am relaxing more & enjoying my treats & trying to use up a few more syns! I make it a rule now that we have our Thursday night treat (chinese) & then the weekend is ALWAYS more relaxed!

    Oh & the other day just before TOTM kicked in my belly was SO bloated, lol - I didn't think it was going to go down! However it has now gone thank god! Haha.. xx
  12. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    I can't believe it.

    photo (46).JPG

    I am in the 10's!!! According to my Wii, I am 10st 13lbs (so a 2lb loss since yesterday)! I am so, so happy! I nearly cried this morning because it has been THAT long since I've seen the number 10 on there. Plus, this has happened since the end of APRIL! I have changed my life in that short space of time, why didn't I do it earlier!?! The crazy thing is, this week I have actually been eating more too.. It's not like I've gone super strict or anything & I'm even having more syns too. Yesterday this is what I had:

    Breakfast: 1 x bowl of puffed wheat & skimmed milk (I don't measure btw) drizzled with little honey (1 syn) & 1 x Danio (1 syn).
    Snacks: 2 x melba toast (1 syn for both) with Lightest Philadelphia (1 syn - because I hardly use any)!
    Dinner: 1 Jacket potato (1 syn for more philly) & a tin of tuna, cucumber & half a tin of sweetcorn (I'm obsessed with sweetcorn) lighter than light mayo mixed in (1-2 syns)? Danio (1 syn)
    Snacks: Rocky Road bar (healthy option), KoKo chocolate 'milk' (healthy option), crackerbread (1 syn).
    Tea: Wasn't too hungry, so one small tin of Heinz Spaghetti Bolognese (1.5 syns)
    Treats: 1 x Mini BN chocolate biscuits (3 syns for both).

    See, it's not like I don't eat either & yesterday I did use up more syns than usual, like I have been lately - about 11 syns? Normally I only use like, 6! I am being naughty as in I'm not really drinking much water.. but I've never been a big drinker anyway (as in being thirsty) - weird I know. I've also not been doing any exercise either. I was however, cleaning the whole house yesterday because we had the estate agent coming over to take photos of this house (that we're selling).

    I do plan on starting either Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred (again) or the Jillian Michaels Fat Blaster workout. Colin bought me the boxset so I have a few others as well. I'm just wondering which one will be better for burning fat first rather than tone up!? I'll have to read the back of the dvds & see. I'm sure either one will KILL me again, haha.

    Weigh in is tonight.. but I am NOT going to starve myself like I usually do on weigh day (I'm exaggerating, but I do usually stop eating after 3pm for weigh in at 7.30). I really hope the SW scales are kind to me tonight! :) I think I'm close to my 2st award too.. because I started at 12st 13lbs! Ohhhhhhh....

  13. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Well done, can't wait til i see the 10's, until last year i'd never seen 14's or below, i'm still amazing i'm in the 12's, so god knows what i'll be like come the 10's haha
  14. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Just LOOK at how much you have lost though, it's crazy haha! I was just staring at your chart & thinking that it's 5st of loss!?! That's amazing!! You're doing so, so well. Plus you're 5'6 right? So at 12st 8lbs I bet you get the same as I did, you look FINE now, haha! It is a weight you can carry off well & I bet people are REALLY praising you because there is SUCH a difference! I mean from 17st! Crazy! You'll be in the bottom 12's soon & soon enough 11's will follow. It seems to have flown past for me. However I won't lie, I DID work hard the first couple of months etc & still do now! I don't go over the syns a lot (even on treat nights)!

    The way I see it, is, you can take a year or so of your life & change it FOREVER or forever spend the rest of your life on these diets etc.. Like I said, I'm glad I discovered SW!

    Just had a Jacket Potato, tuna, sweetcorn & cucumber with the mayo as my last supper before weigh in haha. Also had a chocolate 'milkshake' (koko dairy free) & an Alpen light bar. I feel all full now.. so hoping that it lasts until 7.30 tonight!! I'll be on the scales every hour now making sure I'm around the same weight, haha..

    & I've made a note that Tesco's own tuna in spring water (tins) are MUCH nicer than Princes Tuna in brine. Just saying! Good luck! xx
  15. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    yeah 5'6, i have people telling me constantly how different i look, i'm still amazed at myself that i've lost 5 stone haha It's been an uphill struggle up til beginning of this year then it seemed to changed, i mean it took me 3 years to lose 3 stone, then from january i've lost 1 stone 12.5lb...so i dunno what changed from there haha

    You can get that 2stone award tonight hopefully!

    Ooo might have to try that tuna, i usually have princes in brine.
  16. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    That just sounds so great - losing 5 stone! Can't imagine it!!

    Well I went to weigh in & unfortunately no, I missed out on my 2st award (damn it)! BUT, I did lose an awesome 2 and a half pounds this week (that is with being a little more relaxed on the weekends & treat night Thursday) & I got down to exactly 11st which is great!! I also got slimmer of the week for the 3rd time (I felt bad because one girl lost 3 and a half pounds but because she had a gain last week, she couldn't have it)! HATE when that happens. Awkward... haha..

    Still, I'm happy! I haven't seen these figures in years! We ad our usual Thursday night treat (we have no tea before going, so this counts as our tea as well). I ended up just having my soft fried noodles with chicken (chow mein but no sauce) & I finished off my Lindt bar in the cupboard (with sea salt) yum! I DID buy a Toblerone (small) for after class.. but I never ate it, I was too full so I've stored it away until next week. Although at 9 syns, I COULD have it but choose not to yet!

    I WILL try my very best to get at least a pound off next week just so I can have that 2st award but like I said, I'm not doing too bad at the minute! :D

    Next week we are also going to be going on a Saturday instead of a Thursday because our friend Garry joined SW last night and he can't do next Thursday! Which gives me more time to do it & it's a morning weigh in, mwahaha... fingers crossed!!!

    So far today I've had my puffed wheat cereal with skimmed milk & honey, a whole small box of cherries & a Danio (strawberry). Dinner I'm planning my jacket potato either with the usual tuna, mayo, sweetcorn & cucumber orrrr I might go with beans. Don't know yet & for tea I'm feeling like some new potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower and a bit of gravy & apple sauce on the side :p We'll see... Wish me luck & good luck to everyone else! x
  17. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Well scales seem to be sticking at the minute at 10st 12lbs (same as yesterday morning) but to be fair.. my weekends are always more relaxed. For example yesterday, I followed the plan 100% UNTIL I had a 99 (small) ice cream, a mini mars & a mini snickers ice cream!! That was Colin (the OH's fault) He brought them out of the freezer to try & I was weak, haha. I know the ice cream would have been about 10syns then the mini mars/snickers are 4.5 each!

    To be fair though, I hadn't heard of flexisynning before.. & I ave NEVER used all my syns in a day (even now, I have around 7/8 at most)! So I suppose that's why I'm getting away with being a little naughty - if you can call it that! Come on, I'm not being that bad at all. I'm back on plan 100% today but I think I'm going to have to add some exercise soon so I will be starting the shred soon (or fat blaster) OR just using my exercise bike or treadmill!

    Wish me luck! I do have until next Saturday though, yay for late week (& early morning weigh in)!!!
  18. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Quick update!

    Been busy organising new kitchen for the new house! See my personal blog (link below in signature if you're interested)! Exciting times!
    SW wise, everything is going great - scales seem to be sticking in the mornings at 10st 12lbs at the minute. This morning I woke up with a bug that's going round which involved some lovely visits to the toilet & the feeling of wanting to be sick but NOTHING coming out - just noise, urgh. Awful. My stomach was just going around & around. I still managed to eat today:

    Breakfast: Warm weetabix with a drizzle of honey (for my belly) 1 x Danio Cherry
    Lunch: Sushi & Pineapple sticks.
    Tea: Low Fat super noodles (free - yay) 1 x Danio Strawberry & Alpen light bar.

    Not much I know but it's all I felt like eating & I still managed my syns in there (8). We also went on a loooong walk last night which is about 5 miles (roughly) & last night it took 1 hour 44 minutes & we did it again tonight in 1 hour 33 minutes :) So hopefully that's more calories burnt. We walk in the countryside, across a beach up a LOT of hills & home, haha. I'll try & check back tomorrow & see if there's any change! Hopefully there'll be something :)
  19. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Scales seem to be sticking again today, grrr. However. I did go down 1lb according to the Wii (THE meanest of all scales, including the SW ones). So on the wii - I'm officially (finally) 10st 12lbs instead of 13lbs. Not much of a change but a success for me haha.
  20. Ally89

    Ally89 Gold Member

    Mine stuck for 2 weeks then i gained half a pound...and i go on holiday on friday, i see i will have some work to do when i get back to get moving the right way again! Well done on the 1lb :) My wii was nice other day and told me i'd lost 7lb..hadnt been on in over a month though and it got my weight right for once haha
  21. minxie_minx

    minxie_minx Aspartame Free

    Haha, maybe that's what I should do - not go on it for ageeees! I think I just need to be doing more exercise because if I'm honest I'm not really moving at the minute - just those walks, which personally for me, I don't feel they do anything! Maybe if I ran it, it would - but there's no chance of that! 5 miles & uphill.. noooo way! Haha - Have a great holiday, where are you off to? I'm stuck at home this year, farrr too much to do. Going to Belfast in September though (lol) to the Titanic museum for my birthday. I am obsessed with the Titanic.

    Good luck with being good haha :)

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