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once more i am trying again....

Hi guys, i am starting again, in 2007 i lost around 3 stone in weight, i felt fantastic, had compliments galore and loved the feeling of needing to buy new clothes.

In early 2008 my wife left me, i through it all away, i have comfort eaten and put it all back on.

how come everyone is so quick to tell you how great you look on the way down, but on the way up, no one says a thing??? :p

over the last year i have tried many times to get back into it, but continually failed, day 3 kills me.

i have met someone new and have new determination, but i know it is not easy and for some reason, my brain says, hey we know this works, eat something now and start again next week....not good.

so here i am, a desire to lose weight and fit back into those clothes i bought in 2007...so is anyone looking for a buddy, i need some help.

i am not going to have another summer sweating in jumpers!
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Serena A

Can't think of a title
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Hi Vauxhall, welcome to Minimins.

Just wanted to say good luck...

If you've had a few false starts already maybe it'll help you to get into ketosis before beginning CD so that there won't be any "day 3" for you? Try doing the CD steps down, or if you're impatient to get started then try Atkins for a week so that at least you won't be dealing with carb withdrawals and hunger at the same time - it worked for me. You won't get that first week's "whoosh" of water weight loss at your 1st weigh in but you'll probably drop a few lbs on Atkins or whatever before you even start CD.

Best wishes
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Hello Vauxhall, you have done it before and you will do it again. I have every faith in you mate. Especially with a new partner. I hate day 3 too, I get all jittery but find taking Nytol when I got to bed until ketosis kicks in really helps.

Do you live in Vauxhall by the way? I grew up there.

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Hi Vauxhall,

Welcome and good luck!


If you know day 3 is the killer, make sure you work it out so on that day you are extremely busy to keep your mind distracted.

Take some painkillers BEFORE the headache and sickness kicks in and try and have an early night!
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Hi, its my first day of ss today id love a buddy, ive posted before but never really get any response. Maybe im just terribly boring!

It would be good to have a buddy and support each other i have 4 stone to lose. Have got a journal and made mini goals cos i kept failing cos i kept thinking 4 stone!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhh
Now im thinking stick to it 1 say at a time 1 stone at a time wel do it.... and congrats on your new relationship :)
S: 13st1lb C: 12st7lb G: 8st10lb Loss: 0st8lb(4.37%)
hey cc on day 3 now am doing ok! accept my teenage son told me that my breath smells luke someone died in me ewwwwwwwwwwww:eek:
am staying in for fear of being slapped with a toxic sticker and declared a no go zone:D
Yesterday was tough but am determined beyond belief.
Would love a group of buddys to support and help me when i think i may eat my arm or something:rolleyes:
Good luck you can do it just think of yourself sexy and skinny feels better than anything you could eat xxxxxxxxxxxx hugs..... well from a distance wouldnt want you to pass out;)
Aw, good luck! I am re-starting again tomorrow for about the umpteenth time! I have asked my CD counsellor not to tell me what I weigh every week and only tell me when I have lost 25 pounds!!

Stay strong! :)
Hello peoples, one week done, 10 pounds lost, thankyou for everyone who commented, it really spurred me on to do it!

god it was difficult!

thanks, week 2 here i come!
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Well done! a great result. Good luck for the next week xx
Evening every on I am new on this forum,but not new to the cambridge diet.I actualy enjoy it when I get over the first couple of days,so yes I am here again wanting to loose that extra couple of stones.I was going to start on Monday but I have had a very bad cold ,so just pondering when to do it.My 2 older boys are coming home for easter,as they are in the army,so I did want to start it before,because I know every one knows they go on full alert LOL mums going nil by mouth dont want any temptations.Even though they are older all my boys stil exspect easter eggs LOL.But and a big BUT they also like my cambridge because of all the vitimins in it ,so I have to hide it.


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Welcome - I too am trying again. This is week 1 of a 12 week blitz.

I actually like it once you get over the hump at the start, its actually easy in the respect that you do't have to weigh, measure, point, count.

Just shakes/bars/soups and watch the weight fall off.

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