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One for the ladies...


I will be a Princess!
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Hi there,

Sorry, I feel like I'm asking loads of questions tonight. It's a bit like the Spanish Inquisition!

I'm feeling a bit depressed tonight as A)it's * week, and B) I weighed myself tonight (bit naughty of me as I normally weigh myself on a Friday morning) and I weigh 1.5lbs more than I did last Friday morning. I know that it's probably fluid retention, as I've tried to be really good this week (week 3 of SW for me), and I try to make sure that I get my 1/3 superfree with every meal. I also try to eat some super speed foods regularly.

Sorry to be personal, but could anyone tell me whether I'm likely to have a weight loss on * week? I think I'm going to be miserable on Friday morning when I weigh myself :(

Sian xx
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Evening hunny,
I would say as its your * week its more than likely going to be fluid retention....I should be telling you off for sneaking a peak on those scales but I'm guilty of that one too :eek:
Stick with it.....I'm struggling at the mom and switching to mainly Original / Green as on the whole EE just isn't for me, well not at the moment anyway.


I will be a Princess!
S: 18st2.5lb C: 18st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Awww, I'm sorry you're struggling hun. You always seem to be trying really hard so it must be annoying when the weight doesn't shift. this site seems so supportive though...maybe somebody else will be struggling and can give you some advice :) All I can say is to keep at it! You're doing well - 10lb off since restarting is a fab loss! :) xx


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Hiya Sian :wavey:

My *week started Tuesday (weigh in day:() and lost 0.5lb which I was quite pleased about as I usually gain and at best STS, however last night & this morning my stomach is so bloated (and achey) I look pregnant:eek: I have just jumped on the scales & gained 1.5lbs which can't be anything else other than fluid retention.

If you can, try and drink lots of water as I find this helps.


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Tbh I always put on, anywhere between 2-5lbs my body turns into some sort of sponge and i just seem to hold all water i swallow!
it always comes off the next week!

Mrs V

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I usually gain or sts when on a * week, however this week I lost 3lbs, so not sure what is going on with my body!


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It was mine last week and I put on 0.5lb. Just remember that drinking more fluids will help to flush the retained fluid out!


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I had my * week on my first WI and lost 5.5lbs. I found that in the run up to it I felt very bloated but as soon as it actually started then it all went back to normal. Personally I would expect to have a gain or STS in the week before and then back to normal in * week but I guess it all depends on your body!


I will be a Princess!
S: 18st2.5lb C: 18st2.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 41.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thank you for all your replies! I hadn't thought about needing to up my fluid intake :) I'll defintely try that - hope it works before the morning, lol! :D xx
I drink loads but still retain water-probably my age.I have put on up to 6 pounds and gone up 2bra cups that week.Always comes back off though-fluid every time.

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