one for the ladies....


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It does mine, but for the better! I must be one of very few that actually slims down when I'm on. I'm on right now in fact and my losses so far this week have been incredible (over 8lbs!!) Xx


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I dont think mine has affected it that much but last week was slower than I expected and now it is TOTM so maybe that is why. Im only midway through week 3 so haven't been on the diet long enough to notice yet I don't think x


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I get really hungry the week before (usually chocolate time) so I tend to have shakes and bars only no soups as it helps with the sugar cravings! I also tend to put weight on, stay the same or lose very little :(


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This was my aam week and also my period week and I weighed myself today and I'm showing a loss of a lb, don't know if it was my eating, a slow down of diet, or my period. Or any combination of the above. Not that it actually matters I suppose, it is what it is. Jus made me wonder how it effected people x